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Meet Ayodele – The Singer and Songwriter


Ayodele Asagba, also known as Kable, is a Singer and a Songwriter.

Speaking on how he started, he says, “I’ve always had a passion for music. I started an A cappella group in my secondary school days. Writing and performing original songs and covers. In my University days, I had a friend who is also a producer. I worked (still work) with him now.”

He draws inspiration from his surroundings. “I get inspired mostly by how I feel. I use my emotions as fuel to my creations.”

Concerning a project that increased his belief in his skills and talent, Ayodele says, “I don’t have any “project” per say, but I am currently working on an E.P which is about 80% completed now. But, I fully believe in myself.”

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And now, he is seeking opportunities to attend shows that he could perform at, thrill the audience with his songs and create awareness and exposure to his music. “If I could have a meeting with an established musician or an experienced person in the Industry, it would be great. A record deal would be the best thing to happen to me.”

The Songwriter is of the opinion that the Nigerian youth should be given more avenues to showcase their talents, no matter how small. The youth have a lot of groundbreaking ideas in various industries, but it’s hard to get the public to hear these ideas. A platform will be nice.”

Find him on

Instagram: @Iamkable

Twitter: Officialkable1

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