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Meet Ayodeji – The Crayon Evangelist


Ayodeji Gideon Bamisaye, also known as Ay, is a Crayon Evangelist and CEO of Sculpt Creative Concepts, a brand identity and digital design firm. He is a professional graphic designer with several years of experience in brand strategy, corporate branding, art direction, advertising design, typography, motion graphics, 2d animation and social media marketing strategy.

crayon evangelist             crayon evangelist

Taking us back to the beginning when he started, he says, “It all began in my second year while in the university, we had this 6 months ASUU strike and I was stuck at home, a neighbor then who was awaiting admission into school was always coming around to play Computer games with me and one day introduced me to Adobe Photoshop. He installed the creative suite on my computer and started teaching me how to use the basic tools on it. After a few months, I started watching videos on YouTube, taking courses on, Udemy and other platforms to improve myself and then was able to learn and become proficient in almost all the packages of the Adobe Creative Suite.”

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The Crayon Evangelist admitted he has share of challenges. “One of the main challenges I face as an individual is that of clients not willing to pay for the real value of your service and also not paying up on time. In Nigeria, products get paid for more than services. You consult for an SME on their brand identity and give them a bill, and you hear something like, “is it not just Logo and some other elements.” Those statements can be disheartening. Every single curve and icon on a logo has a meaning attached to it and this communicates your brand, but some of our clients can’t see this. Some clients don’t also attend to their invoices in good time thus delaying payment. This drags the pace of business and can reduce inspiration or motivation. Then you know we have some clients too that will call you late evening and demand for designs to be completed like yesterday, like who does that?? I have a life away from design. This happens a lot. When some can’t reach you on phone, come on WhatsApp to stalk you. Seriously, everything about me can’t be all about designs and branding, I do music, I have my relationships to service, I have football to catch up on.”

Bamisaye draws inspiration from different sources. “My primary source of inspiration is God. I’m a very spiritual person and I sometimes pray in the spirit when my thoughts are not coordinated on any project. I also have websites where I visit to get inspirations from other designers who have more experience. I believe so much in excellence and quality, so I search for inspirations that are trendy, brilliant, effective and also can compete globally.”

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On projects that made him believe in himself, he has been privileged to work on certain projects nationally and also internationally. “Earlier last year (2017), I was engaged on a UNWomen Social media Campaign as the Creative Lead, and the project received global recognition from the headquarters of the UNWomen. Also later in 2017, I was privileged to work on an explainer video (2d animation) project for Stanbic IBTC, a member of the Standard Bank Group. These are projects that have opened me up to international standards when it comes to designs thus boosting my confidence.”

Now, he is hoping to work on more international projects, especially ones that relate to 2d animation, projects that will make him stretch himself and improve better on his skills, projects that will be internationally recognized and can fetch global recognition awards. He is also on the lookout for opportunities to also impart his community and youths around as a facilitator with the knowledge he has so they can lead better lives.

crayon evangelist          crayon evangelist

The Brand Strategist had a lot on youth empowerment,

“As an individual, I’m passionate about human capacity development and entrepreneurship and feel it is imperative for every youth in this country, Nigeria, to be empowered, not just in the area of entrepreneurship, but civic leadership, education and public policy making. We are the future of every nation and all over the world, youths are making waves and doing things to put their nation on the economic map and retain their positions there. There are disruptions in everything right now and youths are pivotal in these movements; in government, business, technology, innovation and what have you. I believe in the government but we can’t wait for the government to empower us. As youths, we should empower one another through mentoring and organizing of programs, trainings and conferences centered on empowerment. Mentoring plays a major role when it comes to empowerment, so youths should endeavor to be teachable and coachable. After doing all this, if the government is willing to support, then they are welcome and can leverage on that.”

Contact him via;

WhatsApp/Telegram: 08035125770

Email: /

Twitter: @BamisayeGideon

Facebook/LinkedIn: Bamisaye Gideon Ayodeji

Instagram: Deon Creatives (personal) Sculpt_creative_concepts (Business)


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