Meet Arthur – The Media & Internet Entrepreneur


Arthur Johnson Nwokolo A.K.A King Arthur is a Media and Internet Entrepreneur.

“I love using my ideas to make money by providing solutions to problems we face in our present society today. A win-win situation”

Arthur has never had a full-time paid job He has always been more comfortable with the idea of owning his own business.

“Each time I think of applying for a job, I get discouraged (can’t actually explain the reason why). I am a graduate of Chemical Engineer and I probably should have been working with one oil company, getting fat salary but that is wishful thinking because of the corrupt nature of the system. But I never gave up on the fact that I wanted to start something of my own, being my own boss.

My determination and passion for what I love doing most has been my greatest driving force into achieving my set goals. And it keeps driving me till date until I make sure to impact on peoples’ life and leave a legacy.”

Arthur’s challenges started from his teenage years after losing his father – who was also his role model at the tender age of 13.

“Growing up was challenging especially without hardly knowing my father (because he died when I was just 13 years old) as he was my role model who I look up to for mentorship being a successful businessman he was back then. But that has also helped in drilling me to achieve more than him without looking back. Aside from that, my biggest challenge now is building my own business empire and still focus on the aim of adding value and positively touching lives of people.”

His inspiration is drawn from his environment and watching motivational videos especially Les Brown’s “Just do it” video by Art Williams. “I must also say that Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group is one of those that inspire me to excel despite the ugly situation and environment we found ourselves.” He added.

So far, launching Farmnga has been Arthur’s most riveting project. He sees it as a dream come true.

When asked about what opportunities he is willing to take advantage of, he said, “I would take on any opportunities that would involve me leading a team to achieve success. Having to teach and impact lives of young people to motivate them would also be an opportunity I would jump on.

Business wise I would jump on an opportunity to invest in the tech startups, Energy, Media and sports companies.”

Arthur is a firm believer in using technology to get yourself to where you aspire to be.

“I think irrespective of the fact that our government and environment in this part of the world is not making most of our youth to fully maximize their potentials, I am of the school of thought that youths in Africa and most especially Nigeria should embrace and leverage in this new age of computer and information technology, rather wasting time gossiping and using the internet for all the negative things these days.

I once told a friend of mine that if I had known half of what I know now with the internet so many years ago when I just finished my secondary school education, I would be richer than Amazon, Google and Facebook.

I say it again the biggest weapon for us youth to use as our get-out-of-jail-free card from mediocrity and poverty must be Computer and Information Technology. Governments, corporate bodies, wealthy citizens and individuals should be doing something urgent about this already. There is no second guessing.

For a youth to succeed, he/she must be able to understand and conquer oneself and be also willing to take risks and fail so many times. The most important thing is to keep up, stay focus and ‘Just Do It’, you will see how powerful and successful human beings can be.”

You can connect with Arthur via Twitter & Instagram @iam_arthurj

Twitter: Iam_ArthurJ

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