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Meet Anuoluwapo – The Events Planner


Anuoluwapo Adetoye Olusi, also known as Graysuave, is an event planner. “She plans various kinds of events ranging from corporate to social events.”

Speaking about how she started, she has this to say, “I have always had the passion for planning and putting events together. I started planning and coordinating events while I was in the university, and took it from there after graduation.”

“I went as far as planning events for free to friends and colleagues. The major breakthrough came when I decided to officially open an Instagram account in September 2017, Instagram helped me as most of the events I planned since then where majorly from the platform, I have also gotten referrals from executed events. In addition, as a graduate of economics, I learnt about the huge demographic appeal in the Nigerian economy, hence, I wanted to capitalize on the opportunities in the booming event industry in Nigeria.”

Anuoluwapo listed some of the challenges she has encountered since she started. “Yes, I have experienced challenges. For one, coming up with a budget for a wedding is stressful and involves constant meetings with the bride, bride’s mother or whoever the “wedding influencer’ is. Planners find it difficult to deal with low-budgets especially if what’s expected of them is way higher.”

“Another challenge is lack of trust. A wedding planner has to win the trust of his/her client in order to make his/her job easier. When a client doesn’t trust the planner, coming up with a budget is difficult. The couple sometimes chooses to make deals with the vendors instead of allowing the planner do so. Mistakes are easily done. Respect for time gets ruined etc.”

“Crowd Management is also a serious challenge. A Nigerian bride hardly knows the exact number of people attending her wedding and even when she does, more attend anyways. A wedding planner has to make sure everyone of the guest, is well fed with food and drinks even if the number surpasses the estimated crowd.”

Some of the icons in her industry inspire her. “I have, over the years, admired the jobs of popular event planners in the Nigerian industry. Funke Bucknor Obruthe of Zapphaire events, Adeola Ojuolape Okeshola of 2706 events, Bisola Borha of Trendybee events are women I look up to and have so much admiration for.”

Learning how to create professional logos and to design floor plans for events was a big feat for her and served as a confidence booster.

Now, she is seeking “more publicity about the services I render and most importantly more event planning job opportunities.”

Youth empowerment, she believes, is about skills development. “It’s about creative thinking on how to deliver services to the people who need it. It’s about following one’s passion and going for it. It is been aware that with as little as a mobile phone and no capital you can upload pictures online and market yourself.”

“Empowerment is not only about going to school, school will give you the knowledge but what is done with that knowledge is what really matters.”

“Youths should do free jobs, and build a brand for themselves and in the process, they get paid for it. Empowerment is knowing the root to your market, learning a vocation or using an inbuilt skill, having a passion and pursuing it at all cost. The basic thing is to have something you are very good at and make it known to those around you and beyond.”

“Ultimately, people should learn to empower themselves with soft skills, creative skills, digital marketing, writing, there are a lot of opportunities available to be explored. If you look closely, you’ll see how creativity has birthed so many business opportunities such as MCs, Decorators, DJs, Food Vendors, Make-up, Artistes etc.”

Connect with her via

Instagram: olive_events_ng

Phone Number: 07035305890



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