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AnjolaOluwa Kafinyinfoluwa Omitowoju, also known as Aj, is a creative. He enjoys drawing, both manually and computer-aided. “I generally test myself with anything art related. I am also a part of a small upcoming clothing line called “Zeus”.

Talking about how he started, he says, “I stayed around my mother when I was a lot younger and she is in love with art and I decided to know what that felt like. Creativity has no limit so I’m doing my part to contribute to the art world as a whole.”

He admitted to have faced challenges. “The first and primary challenge is not having a lot of people appreciate my art and hence don’t encourage me, but I know I have to develop myself by myself and the second challenge is getting great materials to work with. Advertising my brand’s clothing is a little tasking and people don’t often patronize us.”

Anjola is superheroes and African women. “I’m a (Marvel) superhero geek so most of the time that inspires me to draw. I also enjoy drawing African women; I enjoy working around faces whose features are interesting. I then apply these drawings to the clothes we make.”

The project he has ever engaged in that increased his belief in himself was a project he did at school. “I study Architecture at “Bells University” and there we are encouraged to do our designs manually and so one semester I decided to work on my end of the semester project full manual and it blew all the lecturers’ minds.”

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And now, he is seeking to “work with existing great artist and learn from them. Also, I want to branch into all the divisions of art even just a little bit, I believe people can do anything they want if only they aspire.

On youth empowerment, he says, “I feel there should be events or platforms (like yours) that give us youth even if a slim chance to show the world what we can do and be encouraged in any form possible.”

Connect with him via

Instagram: Anjolaomit” and “Zeusdesigns_ “

Whatsapp: 08159536317.


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4 thoughts on “Meet Anjola – The Creative

  1. Olayanju abisola

    Have never a person a strong as you despite all the difficulties you found an opportunity and you are doing something great. A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve so keep up the good works and do me Proud.

  2. Olufunke Olunloyo

    I had the opportunity to watch AJ as a child, developing his abilities. He certainly is a surprise waiting to (and Will) happen, to Nigeria, Africa and the World! Go, AJ. Thanks, Sparking!

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