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Meet Aniedi – The Liquid Soap Producer


Aniedi Etim, also known as Anee, is a writer, and a multi-purpose liquid soap entrepreneur.

Speaking on how she started, she says, “I am one person who dislikes being idle. So after my service year, I applied for jobs, but none was forth coming. That was when I decided to undergo the process of my book publishing which was successful.”

“Again, after that, I was still unsatisfied because I wasn’t as busy as I had thought I would be after I became an Author.  Moreover, I needed multiple sources of income (I love making my own money). A good friend of mine suggested I go for soap making training since I was looking for other things to do. And now here we are.”

Aniedi faced challenges on the aspect of getting her business registered. “The procedures are rigid and then the costs. Every business owner wants their products to make waves out there, but how can that happen when the government has too many policies. To get a NAFDAC number alone requires a lot. And because of these, I haven’t really been able to have my products out there.”

“Another challenge is the issue of lack of machines for faster production. And then the issue of chemicals dealers who today sell you the good ones, but tomorrow they sell to you an unauthentic chemicals which turns your soap production into something else at the end of the day.”

She draws inspiration from her Mother and her elder sibling. “They both have such exceptional work ethic which gives me the boost to strive to be just as hard working and independent as they are.”

Aniedi has always believed in herself. “And having written and published a detailed book on the issues of contemporary Nigeria and Africa which received a great deal of accolades from even the people of higher status, together with my girl child advocacy/humanitarian projects.  I think that these few perhaps served as a booster for me to go ahead and be what I wanted to be without any fears.”

And now, she is looking for the opportunity to project herself and her business. “You know when people get to see/hear about what you’re doing, from there they’d want to meet you, and possibly encourage you in one way or the other. Life is all about networking.”

“And in the aspect of networking, media agencies can also play a vital role in helping young entrepreneurs project their crafts (especially for starters like myself). Opportunities where young entrepreneurs can key into to win certain amounts of money to invest in their business are what every entrepreneur is open to, of course.”

She also gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “Youth empowerment is the most crucial and best gift any community/nation can give to her youths. As we always say, the youths are the future, and the future starts now. Well meaning citizens and the government can empower the Nigerian youth by first of all creating avenues for the youths to learn/acquire skills.”

“More and more skill acquisition programmes should be created and sponsored by the government. That way, the youths stand empowered through the knowledge of the skill acquired. Knowledge is power.  Also, government should set up more funds supporting avenues where the youths can get financial assistance to put in their various businesses, because as entrepreneurs, we are creating wealth for our nation.”

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Instagram business page:@anee_essential

Instagram personal page: @aniedi-etim

Facebook account: Aniedi Etim.

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