meet Aminu Bakori the software developer - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Meet Aminu – The Software Developer


The Spark Profiles Aminu Ibrahim Bakori

meet Aminu Bakori the software developer - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

– By Ayandola Ayanleke

Aminu Ibrahim Bakori is a Software Developer and a Tech-Entrepreneur. He fell in love with computers right from a very small age while in primary school and started coding towards the end of his secondary school.

When asked about his challenges, Aminu had this to say, “While starting up, I was faced with the challenge of limited resources and lack of mentorship. Finding like-minded individuals has also proven to be hard. Building and running a business as a tech-entrepreneur has also not been easy, most especially along the lines of trust and raising funds.”

Steve Jobs and Apple have been a great inspiration for him, most especially along their sense of design and quality assurance.

Establishing Payant was a huge deal for him and served as a confidence-booster. “Even though I’ve been involved with a lot of projects before Payant, it still remains one of my greatest achievements. It all started from a dream of simplifying payments and today, it has made significant progress along that line.”

And now, as a tech-entrepreneur, “I’m looking forward to partnerships and funding opportunities.”

Aminu is a great believer in the youth and of youth empowerment. “I’ve been all about sparking and uplifting this generation since I was in school. I was a Microsoft Student Partner and also a Microsoft Youth Spark Advocate.”

“I worked along with Microsoft and Students to inspire students and create more youths like me. It was very successful and I’m always happy to see what we have started growing everyday. I strongly believe that we’re the leaders of tomorrow. But we can’t be leaders without taking everyone along.”

Connect with him via

Twitter: @Aminu_Bakori


Offline: CoLab, Kaduna.

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