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Meet Akintomide – The Sculptor and Craftsman


Akintomide Sylvernus Adesemoye, Tommy or Tommyarni, owns a group construction/workshops firm that deals with reconstruction of scraps metals wood, furniture, and many more materials, from offices, schools and homes in order to serve another purpose. He makes sure you don’t have to trash your scraps but save it for future use.

On how he started, he says, “When I finished my Higher National Diploma at Yaba College of Technology.  I was called upon at Chellerams Plc to use wood of some trashed doors to create office tables for them to use in their offices and metals from “bicycle part” to create sculpture in metal. It was a successful project. Apart from Chellerams, I have done for Coca-Cola, and many individuals at their homes. These projects opened my eyes to what I could achieve with this career path.”

Akintomide could not point to a particular source where he gets inspiration from but he claims as a Sculptor/Art scholar, he has a passion for creating new things. Thus, he pushes himself; employ different perspectives till he makes something new and unique.”

Some of the projects he has done that made him believe in himself are waste glass bottle project with Coca-Cola, Chellerams door wood/metal construction project, use of metal spoon to construct different types and sizes of bird for an insurance company project, use of scraps motor part to create a set of tables and the use of scrap metals to create a bird for the Lagos ArtExpo.”

Moving on, he is seeking for the opportunities to own a workshop, get his firm registered so as to get more contract works, procure the necessary machine both for wood, glass and metal and most importantly, create awareness.”

Concerning youth empowerment, he believes we are to work, not just dream and we should all try and help one another without discrimination. “For instance, my own firm bring together both graduate and those who were not opportune to go to school. I believe everybody is educated and creative on their own.”

Private companies and the Nigerian government can also help build the dreams of youths by providing support financially and in any other way necessary.”

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Instagram: @adesemoyetommy


Call: 08079936323


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