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Meet Afees – The Social Entrepreneur


Afees Akinola Agboola, also known as Prof, is currently the Executive Officer of BAS Entrepreneurship Leadership and Advocacy Centre (an NGO), a social entrepreneur, quality education/girl advocate, facilitator, public speaker, inspirational writer and Nigeria’s ambassador for Global Goodwill Ambassadors.

Talking about how he started, he says, “Having volunteered for community organisations and non-profit bodies to champion community and humanitarian causes for years, I realised my passion lies in helping others in order to achieve a better Nigeria and Africa through training the youth and engaging them in opportunities for personal as well as career development. It was for this reason I created an NGO to build African youth to be better citizens through our innovative programmes and also joining other organizations and like minds to achieve humanitarian causes.”

social entrepreneur

The challenges the social entrepreneur have faced over the years in his career have been numerous but according to him, “the biggest of them which I always try to stay on top and learn more about is keeping people or team members motivated always even when the team has a blip. A leader or a team member is expected to work with people and affect them positively, as people are the most difficult resource to manage and coordinate, it is always a challenge to me keeping them motivated or inspired, this is why I keep on taking courses on better ways to manage people and appreciate their contribution to team success.”

Afees draws his inspiration from the myriad of problems in the society that needs solutions. This, he says, has always been the push behind designing solution driven programmes and ideas targeting the youth.

When asked about the project that made him believe in himself, he talked about the daily inspirational writing, that he believes impacts the lives of others.

Now, he is looking for the opportunities to impact youths in leadership, career, character and entrepreneurship development. “I am also open to collaboration, networking and learning skills of character building and personal development from industry leaders”.

Afees says his disposition towards youth empowerment is positive. “In fact, I am a strong advocate of empowering youth meaningfully and reasonably. I believe to truly achieve a better, sane and development driven society, the youth should be economically empowered through a mix of entrepreneurship and leadership development. An economically empowered youth generation will not be subservient to the whims and caprices of clueless political leaders. Economic empowerment will then make it easier for youth to achieve political emancipation.”

Connect with him via

LinkedIn – Afees Akinola Agboola

Facebook – Afees Akinola Agboola

WhatsApp – 08165391277

Instagram – @ogbeniagboola

Twitter – @OgbeniAgboola


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