Meet Adetoun – The Food Entrepreneur


Adetoun Jueda Akindele has always wanted to go into the food business because of her love and passion for cooking. She started by providing cooking services for family and friends. These people were those who encouraged her to turn her passion into a money-making business. She currently provides food services for both individuals and corporate firms.

Talking about the challenges Adetoun has faced so far, the business owner listed items like people’s belief in her delivery services, staffing, pricing and so on. “All startups and existing businesses have their own challenges but the ones I face personally with my startups is convincing a random potential client to believe I can deliver. Other challenges are staffing; where precisely to channel our marketing so that at the end of the day, we won’t lose so much money than we are gaining. Pricing is also crucial considering the high level of competition that is out there.”

The founder draws inspiration from absolutely everything and everybody around her. “My major inspirations would be my mom, my very close friend and my husband. Sarah Graham of Food Safari and Siba Montagna also inspires me.”

The project which sparked her belief in herself and what she could do was when she put in for an exhibition; “It was absolutely amazing and gave me more conviction continue doing what I love to do.”

She would love to be featured on Chefrican, a program on Ebonylife TV. It is a dream of hers and she would love to take advantage of the opportunity.

“Nigerian youths can be more empowered if more skill acquisition programs are created, and more awareness done for self-employment right from secondary school. If possible, it should be added to school curriculum and then make it (skill acquisition program) mandatory for students.” She said this when she was asked about what her thoughts were on youth empowerment.

Connect with her on social media:

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @jadeskitchens.
WhatsApp – 08039092879.

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