Meet Adesola – The Creative Designer


Adesola Marvellous Dideoluwa is a graphics and web designer who kick-started his career after graduating from university.  “My parents suggested I start up a business because of the state of things in the economy. As a computer inclined person I chose graphics and web design.” says Adesola.

One of the challenges he faced as an entrepreneur according to him was when he was an undergraduate. “ I co-owned a fashion business with a guy, and trust me my major challenge was lack of seriousness from my partner, then I gave up on that dream and picked up a new one, and today I feel better.”

Adesola, who  gets his inspiration from his parents has been involved in lots of projects but the one that stand out for him was when he organized and delivered a program successfully back in the university. “I anchored a program and I had to do enough publicity for that program.  I then designed a graphics work which actually sold my program well and at the end the program was a success.”

On opportunities he is open to taking advantage of, he said, “I am open to opportunities in the world of communication and media cause I studied Communication and Performing Arts in the university and I am skilled in various aspects of media like print, audio and video. You can call me an editor also cause I edit videos and audios too.”

“Youth empowerment is a wonderful idea, presently I am working on a project in Ibadan to empower students in secondary school in various aspects for free. The program is almost complete at the moment, I am waiting for schools to give me a date. I have the support of first bank, Retro Club and so on. So I feel more programs like thus should be organized to support the youths.” the graphics and web designer says on youth empowerment.

Connect with Adesola on Instagram @Marven_G. His business page is @M.A.D.Graphic.

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