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Meet Adedayo – The Song Writer


Adedayo Emmanuel Adeyale, also known as EmRhythm, is an inspirational poet, singer and song writer.

Speaking about how he started, he says, “I started by writing poems for my siblings, then I share to friends on WhatsApp. I later wrote poems for the schools where I worked. I later started writing songs and now I’ve written over 40 poems and 35 songs, only hoping for the opportunity to reach to the world.”

Adedayo draws inspiration from what I’ve experienced in life and how God has used them to hone my thinking. “I also draw inspiration from the great ones who have influenced the world through what they say or sing, example Franklin Benjamin, Cobhams Asukwo, Simon Cowell, Asa etc.”

On the project that he ventured in that increased his confidence in himself, he says, “I went to a church to minister one of the songs I wrote and the reception was great, I also attempted recording some of my songs, the DJs, instrumentalists and director of the recording studio were in love with the messages and melodies of the songs.

Now, “I earnestly long to be heard. I’ll be grateful if there arises an opportunity to record my songs and also platforms to present my poetry.”

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On youth empowerment, he says, “Youth empowerment is the most attractive way of curbing all immoral and riotous acts in which our youths find themselves in as a result of depression or idleness. The talent is there but no opportunity, the strength is there but no work, certified but jobless. Youth empowerment will give us the strength to believe again.”

Find him on

Facebook: Adeyale Dyneohs Adedayo

Instagram: @emrhythm_dyneohs


Phone number: 08167717550

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