Meet Adedayo – The Creative Entrepreneur


Adedayo Laketu is a journalist, writer, filmmaker in-training, photojournalist, creative Inventor/co-founder of Baroque Age, Creative Director of More Branches and Art Director of Pith Africa.

The creative entrepreneur popularly known as Steve West had always wanted to change the world, as a kid he’d imagine himself on popular magazines, ‘not on the magazine for reasons of fame, I just always felt like I was born to do something great, something that puts my name forever in humanity’s timeline. I’ve had a dream all my life of just being incredible.” He said.  ”As I grew up I stumbled on different things, picked up different ideologies, read a few books, got a lot of information and selected my idols. It’s exposure mostly via the internet and tv which both raised me, growing up in Nigeria as a kid you learn a lot. I think the new age generation really started in my era, it was just a vibe. I kept doing me.”

Adedayo, three years ago (2014), floated his company, Baroque Age which according to him is a ”simple structure for kids I felt were different; a place where people ranging across all mediums, programmers, photographers, musicians, hell doctors, could just come together and create something incredible for humanity”
On starting Baroque Age, he said:
I also met a lot of people in my final year of school when we started Baroque Age. We met Thompson. S. Ekong, one of our founding members and Visual Director of the collective, Tonero who started the Music Company Euphonic, Cosmas and Nezedo who created the Fashion House PithAfrica, Ose Adeniyi, founder of our Art-Innovative Foundation/Hub Codelo, Ina Oyebanji, he created Basic Things, our business management company and I met Nasir Ahmed, a very very close friend of mine who’s also a co-founder of Baroque Age and Director of Content. 
After dropping out of college (Babcock University) in his final year, sometime last year to fully pursue his dream, Adedayo became a journalist, got a filmmaking internship with Imoh Umoren (and worked on ”Children Of Mud”), made a fashion collection with Pith Africa as the art director, and now he’s the creative director of a media house, More Branches.
Baroque Age has expanded into six companies with four of them (Euphonic, Pith Africa, Codelo and More Branches) in operation. ”We’re creating and gathering minds across Africa and changing the way things are done as start-ups. I have to change the world, we have to create multinational Billion Dollar structures from Africa. We need everyone together to create magic for humanity.” Adedayo explains.
Nigeria is a challenge, Africa is a pain”, he stated firmly when talking about the challenges being faced in his industry, adding ” the narrative of the new age got backlash when it first got into the world and it’s already a challenge.” further providing a detailed description of New Age in the African context:
The New Age of Africa is a wave of new individuals across mediums, across religion, tribe, country, wealth, it’s about Africans coming together to rise up and change the world.
It’s about doing things that’s never ever been done before, and we can see this happening all around.
The evolution of Africa has been on going but the things we’re doing in the new age are all mind blowing, it’s redefining and changing things, it’s needed cause of my next problem, which is Nigeria/Africa has never had a culture as a nation or as Africans.
We’ve had traditional terms and ideas but as a culture what are we ? What’s the fashion culture of Nigeria ? What’s the food culture of Kenya ? What’s the music culture of Uganda ?
These things are being answered in the new age, and not by traditional values but by actually creating and innovating cultures that bring us together as a nation and continent.
You can all relate to a New Age musician from Africa not because he’s making trap or what not but the music he’s making is relatable to on a personal level, the music is new Age cause it’s not multi-faced with layers that actually mean something, we can understand it collectively and it also inspires a new idea, vibe or thought in us. Africans are so so so incredible, we need to come together and channel a purpose.
He also pointed out the problem of documentation when it comes to the milestones being achieved right now across the African continent:
I always say we know about the renaissance age, or the baroque Age, but Africans have always been had our history whitewashed, the things we’re doing right now are so important, we need to document it, it’s a New Age of things happening around Africa. We have a food festival in Lagos now, has that ever happened before ? C’mon.
You can see these changes, it’s happening all around us, Africa needs to appreciate and understand the conscious future that lays ahead for us. Everyone is in awe of what we’re becoming, we need to take charge and on it.
Adedayo is also of the opinion that the government is another major problem and he is suggesting a total overhaul, ‘‘we need a new layer of politicians in the system, yes we need new age politics.”
The Baroque Age frontman is a big fan of Steve Jobs, Kanye West, Elon Musk, Christopher Nolan; he describes himself as a ”bit of all those guys.
Creating the music company,  Euphonic, while still in college is one project that has made the creative entrepreneur believe in himself.
Narrating the experience he said:
It was crazy cause tonero, nas and I were still in college and one random day we have a 5 hour conversation on the future of music in Africa and how there’s a new Age coming to change it all. This was like early 2016 before the scene really for the fandom it has now! And after the long as conversation, tonero gets inspired and we make the first project ever to come out from Euphonic, ‘Ajna’. Tonero’s first body of work and it was a trip.  A trip cause we made all the songs in our college room, going to class, coming back getting stoned and just making music. 
It was a gruesome process, as tonero was in his final year doing his project, nas too, I was going through academic shit also but we did like 15 songs all on thoughts we were all facing and having that time. The music saved us really, it’s why he called it ‘Ajna’, it actually was a their eye opener for us as we created it.
This made me really believe in myself cause it was like the first subsidiary in Baroque Age to put out substance and actually try to create something ‘new age’ and with tonero we were using music which was beautiful and it worked out well so we kept on growing from there.
Adedayo’s mind is fixed in Africa’s potential and he’s looking to take hold of the market which ”will be reaching one billion African people soon”sequel to that his company will penetrate the European market. He also expressed concern regarding the mass migration of white corporations trooping into Africa ”to take over this new African boom.”
On youth empowerment he said:
Youth are getting empowered by living. Africans are always told not to be curious, or explore ideas and dreams while growing up.
You want to play football you’re told no, be an engineer but Neymar is making you rethink that now. Africa has to empower the youths more, give the a voice, they are the ones that have the keys. “Always listen to the kids” is what Kanye says, and it’s true. I’ve had 15 year old kids tell me things that I never thought of when I was a kid.
The internet is giving them more information than ever before, let them fly, let them dream, let them explore and create things.  Push them to be them. Don’t cage them, let them soar.
Believe it or not they know more than you can understand. Yes we need to guide them but find block out their light in your fear of their unknown.
The new age is powered by the youths not by age but by mind. Keeping the mind youthful and creative is the dream. 
So keep the kids alive.
All the companies in Baroque Age are growing so well cause the kids understand this future we’re building, it’s all for them.
His favorite quote is by world famous genius, Albert Einsten, ‘‘Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.”
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