meet Adebimpe the founder of dios dlite- the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Meet Adebimpe – The Founder of Dios Dlite


Adebimpe Oluwaseyi Osanyintuyi, also known as Adebimps, is the founder of Dios Dlite. “At Dios Dlite, we offer a range of healthy products ranging from Yogurt, granola, pancakes to smoothies that provides for a guilt free experience and complements a healthy lifestyle.

meet Adebimpe the founder of dios dlite- the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

Talking about how she started, she says, “I started with frozen yogurt in Feb 2016, as I saw a gap in the market that I was yearning to fill. So I opened my 1st pop up shop where we sold frozen yogurt with a variety of toppings to suit different taste buds.  A lot of customers kept asking if we had alternatives as they were looking for fresh yogurt and not froyo, hence we listened and introduced it with some level of caution as we were not sure if it could be as exciting and accepted as the froyo.”

“Introduction of our Greek yogurt has now taken centre stage in our business and we have innovated on different variants and ways to enjoy it. We have also added complementary snacks and bites that can be eaten with it. Dios Dlite has now grown to a full fledge yogurt bar and we sell both frozen yogurt and Fresh Greek yogurt, with complementary sides. Our granola, which now comes in 3 variants (Fruit Mix, Chocolate and Nut Mix), is said to be one of the best in Nigeria and we are proud and excited to see what the future holds for us.”

She talked about the challenges they have encountered since they started. “Our major challenge at Dios Dlite is electricity. Our yogurts are made fresh, hence we need to have constant power to ensure they are kept cool and fresh at all times. Therefore when there is no power, we have to run generators to ensure the products are kept cold at all times, and this comes at a very high cost to the business.

God, who she believes makes all things beautiful in His time, is her first source of inspiration. “I would never have imagined I would be where I am today, but God who knows the end from beginning has led me to this point, and I know it can only get better with him as my captain.”

meet Adebimpe the founder of dios dlite- the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

“I also have an amazing support system – 1st of all, my husband, who stands as my unpaid consultant and allows me be me, whilst he gives me tips on how best to approach obstacles I encounter. And I also have an amazing group of friends, ever looking out for opportunities and sharing with me, ready to give feedback either positive or negative, and reminding me of the potential this business holds and always cheering me on.”

Speaking on a project that boosted her confidence, she has this to say. “Last year December (2017), we had our 1st out of Lagos event in Ogbomosho, whilst holding down another event in Lagos on the same day. We were able to pull through both events very successfully. The Ogbomosho wedding also happened to be the biggest number of guests we have had to cater for in one event and yet it went smoothly with the help of my team.

“There was so much fear, anxiety, even concern from close friends and staff about executing the Ogbomosho event – concerns were valid ranging from logistics, preservation and safety, but the fact that we were able to seamlessly cater for the event and also run another in Lagos simultaneously while maintaining standard and quality was true attestation that I was born to do this. Even with the hectic planning; pre and during, we had so much fun, and I look forward to do more of such events.”

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meet Adebimpe the founder of dios dlite- the spark youth empowerment platform in nigeria

“Also, the feed backs we have received on the quality and taste of our products has being overwhelmingly positive and this keeps us on our toes as we wouldn’t want our customers to in any way feel that the quality of our products will drop by any means.”

Moving forward, “our ultimate goal is to go national with our range of products, especially our Yogurt and Granola variants. We currently deliver outside Lagos, but are looking to have Phyiscal presence in key cities outside Lagos.”

On youth empowerment, she opines, “Youths are the future leaders and the earlier we train, nurture, and empower them, the better for the future of our country.  There is still a lot of work to be done and the burden shouldn’t be on the government alone.”

Reach them on

Instagram: @diosdlite_yogurt

Facebook : @diosdliteyogurt

Call: 0909 330 8309

Or Visit: Royall Mall – 16b University road, Off Lawani Street, Akoka, Yaba


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