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Meet Adaeze – The Bag Maker


Adaeze favour Nwokike, also known as Prada007 or Adarhs, is into bag designing and making.

“8months into my youth service (NYSC), I was pondering on what business to do when I eventually pass out and selling already made ladies handbags came to mind. I discussed with a friend that stays abroad if shipping bags down for me would be viable. He said buying the bags was not so cheap, then the shipping fee, including my profit would make the bag too expensive and so difficult for me to sell.”

“Then he reminded me that I am serving in an industrious state (Abia, and Aba was just an hour away from me). He told me I should register and learn how to make the bags instead and I did. That was how @adarhsbags was brought to reality. Since then, I have been practicing and self improving. My motto: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT… AND PERFECTION IS CONTINOUS PRACTICE!”

God is her major source of inspiration. “My physical inspiration comes from @femihandbags and @zashadu amongst other Nigerian based bag designers that have gone international … if they can dream and become it, then so can I.”

Speaking about what makes her believe in herself, she has a lot to say. “I always look at peoples’ bags while moving on the road or in a public transport and try as much as possible to store enough details in my head and then, replicate and try to do something that looks like what I’ve seen when I get home … it may not exactly be the same, but then, I end up achieving another design.”

“Sometimes I make a little error but people still love it and tell me error in bags is nothing but design.”

“It doesn’t mean I’ll base on errors but it makes me work towards perfection, that if they can appreciate the errors, then surely the perfect work would be appreciated more and that’s a morale booster for me.”

Now, she is open to mentorship and intense training under any of the aforementioned Nigerian/international bags designers (@femihandbags or @zashadu). “I am also open to sponsorship and grants to help me set up my workshop and work office as I work from home and in dire need of one.”

Adaeze gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “With the current state of the nation, youth empowerment is the best thing that can be brought to the tables. The number of jobs available is nothing compared to the number of graduates in the labour market, so while waiting for job vacancies, I think the Government, NGOs, companies, and even highly placed individuals in the society, should  help create avenues for free skills acquisition of any sorts, and thereafter out of their benevolence, provide the means (be it low interest loans or better still grants) for such people to set up a small scale business … and in the long, create more job opportunities.”

Connect with her via

Instagram: @adarhsbags

Facebook: Adaeze Nwokike

Phone Number and WhatsApp: 09051128636

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