Meet Abodaya The Financial Freedom Chic - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platform in Nigeria

Meet Abodaya – The Financial Freedom Chic


Abodaya Hart, also called the Financial Freedom Chic, helps working class mums’ who want to transition from full employment to working from home make that shift using the social media without having to quit immediately.

Meet Abodaya The Financial Freedom Chic - The Spark Youth Empowerment Platforms in Nigeria

Talking about how she started, she says, “As a mother of two adorable children, I was always away from home as a result of work and that meant having to lose out on raising my children, leaving them in the hands of helps to raise.”

“I finally reached the breaking point when I spent the last summer holiday away from my children. 2 months was too long to be away from home that when I got back home I noticed that they had formed a routine without me and lots of time, they went on family outing forgetting I was home.”

“That was the resolve I needed to walk away from the job and focus on family without losing who I am, or killing my dreams.”

Her initial challenge was adapting to the transition from full employment to working from home. “I was always on the move as a result of work and after sometime I got used to being waited on hands and feet in hotels. I had to readjust my mindset and fit back into home mode and that meant getting my hands and feet dirty, having to worry about what they ate, what they wore and the rest.”

“Also being in an Industry that is very misunderstood, it required a little more effort than usual to get people to see the business model and how it works. Dealing with the negative mindsets of humans has been a major drawback. People first see the negatives before they see the positive aspect of a business. I had to deal with my negative limiting mindsets and beliefs.”

She draws inspiration from God and her Bible. “It’s amazing how much nuggets for every day victorious living are in the Bible. My children and husband also inspire me.”

One of the projects that boosted her confidence was successfully handling a training session. “I needed to handle a training section /session all by myself. I had done all I knew to do. I read, worked on my slides, and had a very automated response to likely questions to be asked.”

“I was done with my presentation and then questions came but not in the line I had rehearsed. The questions were deep and I had to search my heart and answer the questions. A few days later, I met one of the delegates and her testimonial wowed me. I was glad I was able to help and it made me realize I had been underestimating certain things gifts I had.”

Now, “I am looking forward to an opportunity to retrain the minds of youths and mothers. It’s an amazing place to help people make their dreams become a reality.”

Youth empowerment is something she says she has been very passionate about. “Empowerment for me starts and ends in the mind, with so many things in between. The average Nigerian youth has been conditioned to self-sabotage and this has gone on for many generations. If the mindset of the Nigerian youth is not changed, no matter the amount of money, time, effort and training given to the youth, we would end up like the “I used to have, I used to be this or that generation”

“The Bible says, “You can’t pour new wine into old wine skin”. We can’t keep doing things like we have done in the past and expect anything new. So to get a different crop of empowered youth we must start with the mind.”

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