Meet Abisola – The Fashion Entrepreneur


Abisola Nureni, also known as Abby, is the creative director of PixiebyAbby. According to her, she “cuts and sews quality and trendy contemporary and African outfits.”

She started and launched her business in 2013. “I considered fashion a profession as a result of my obsession with every detail of the style and glamour world and a need to become a part of this process. In 2011, I decided to turn my dream into reality, so I registered at the fashion institute where I mastered the art of dress making and in 2013, PixiebyAbby was conceived”

Abisola mentioned power epilepsy in the country as one of her major challenges. She also noted the challenge of balancing her work with her studies as she is currently on her Master’s programme.

Speaking on her inspiration, she says, “I draw my inspiration from my silent moments.”

Talking about the project that increased her confidence and belief in herself, Abisola says, “In 2016, during the first semester exams of my Masters program, I was contracted to sew 60 units of dresses for a group of people. I had exams and I had clothes to finish; and the person who served as the link to getting the contract was keen on me not disappointing her. At that point, it was so much pressure because I had to properly think through the cutting of the dresses, yet, I had to read for my exams that included 3 compulsory courses. I wanted to return the dresses to the group but that would be a dent on my brand and I would have successfully disappointed the person who had referred me to the group. In the end, I decided to bravely face it and I sewed. For a whole week, I did not sleep. I had to divide the days of the week – I spent two days to read for my exams and then three days to sew. I sewed day and night till I was able to deliver.


The fashion designer has many dreams and aspiration that she hopes comes to fruition. She hopes to expand her productivity level so as to meet and even exceed client expectations. She also aspires well to expand the brand’s vision by making their outfits available across the continent and beyond, through an effective online campaign and presence, as well as an efficient distribution chain system that enables their products to be delivered at different places.

Youth empowerment, to her, means taking charge. It means “not being a spectator, not allowing anyone else define you, building your life goals and dreams. I think the youths can be empowered by providing a friendly environment that allows everyone explore his/her innate capabilities and flourish in the process.”

To contact Abisola, you can visit her office at Block F5, Expoyo, Opposite Ventura mall, Sango, Ibadan, or

Visit her Facebook page: Pixiebyabby, or

Instagram: @pixiebyabby

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