‘The Media Department: Chapter 1……. A series by T.K. Solarin



Mackintosh bit her lip as she rubbed her sweaty palms together. The sun in Electronia was rather hot today, Mackintosh couldn’t figure out why the weather had decided to betray her this very morning. It’s either because she had pure bad luck or probably because this was her first day at work.

‘Yes it could be because it’s my first day’ she thought to herself.

Mackintosh was sitted next to her boss Apple at that burial of Snapchat out in the open field down town Toshiba city. She pulled her hands away from each other to adjust her neatly knotted tie. She was probably nervous because this was going to be her first job as a detective for the IOS (incognito operations Service) when she got the job, she packed her bags and left lenovo which was middle belt of Electronia a small country located in the jaws of Asia.

Now here she was, sweaty as hell and looking from place to place at snapchat’s burial. She got the information about the death of snapchat as at yesterday and when she heard what had happened, she knew it couldn’t be a suicide.

She took a look at three of Snapchat’s colleagues who worked in the same department with him ‘the Media department’ at his office ‘Android company’. Twitter and W-app looked a little bit sober while Instagram was busy stealing glances at his wristwatch waiting for time to pass. She knew snapchat and instagram weren’t the best of friends, they fought over everything an anything and now snapchat just suddenly dies out of nowhere. Hell no, it was definitely not a suicide. Samsung who was the CEO of the Android company was just looking for a way to sweep it under the carpet so the masses will still patronize him but hell no…..the IOS is going to get to the bottom of it.


“Sir your coffee sir, don’t forget your coffee sir.” Sony said rushing after her boss in a six inch high heels with a cup of coffee in her hand.

“Leave me alone Sony, I don’t have time for that now. I just came back from Snapchat’s burial and I did not like how it went.” He said pushing the doors to his very expensive looking office that will get anybody drooling just at the sight of it.

“Oh, what happened sir hope it’s not so bad?” Sony asked setting the coffee down carefully to avoid it from spilling.

Samsung sighed, “I saw the IOS at the burial.”

She gasped, “really, Apple and her officers were there?”

He shook his head, “just her and one other lady, I think that one is new.”

Sony shook her head, “this isn’t good for the company, do you think they are suspecting that it’s not a suicide?”

Samsung rolled his eyes, “what else huh? they’ve been on to us from the very beginning and now snapchats death has added to it.” he paused. then, “I’m glad Pinterest wasn’t there today because he would taking pictures and put them up on his sight. Lousy photographer.” he added.

“That’s so sad sir, but there’s something else.”

He furrowed his brows, “what?”

“It’s about the press.”

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“What about it?”

She bit her lip, “I don’t know how she found out but YouTube posted about the death today on her site.”

He hit his hands on the table in anger gotcha caused the coffee to spill and Sony to flinch.

“How did she find out, who told that good for nothing bitch to meddle in our business. Damn the fucking press.” he said through gritted teeth.

Sony shook her head, “I have no idea sir but we have to do something, so many people are already seeing her post and that isn’t good for Android sir.”

Samsung nodded, “it has to be Microsoft who told her about it, he was in the office yesterday when we found snapchats body. That good for nothing bastard wants to finish me because Android is doing better than Windows well fuck him!”

Sony’s eyes widened from her booses use of language, “do you really think he would do that?”

Samsung gave her a death glare, “well of course he will, I have all the best students that graduated with honors in application at LG university and what does he have, just S-tag who is barely half of instagram. All the best people came to work for me and he can’t stand it.”

Sony nodded, “that’s true sir but instead of pointing fingers what should we do about the situation?”

He sighed, “tell Google I want him to publish an article stating that snapchat’s death was a suicide and get Nokia on the phone, tell her I want to speak with her boss, Microsoft. We have to do what we can to get the press away from us, nobody must know what really happened, it’s for our own good.”

Mackintosh glanced through the file she had of snapchat sitting in her office drinking coffee.

‘Snapchat couldn’t have committed suicide, he had everything going so well for him why would he want to do that?”she thought to herself.

She turned a page over then stopped to look at the information containing his education and achievements. He had graduated with honors from LG university downtown Del City in Applications. He attended the same school with instagram, Twitter, W-app and F-book. They all had the same lecturer “Mark Zuckerberg” and now he works with Android company in the media department for entertainment along side his old school mates apart from F-book who is now the Dean of applications at LG university.

“I’m not surprised, he happens to be Mark’s god son anyway” she muttered.

Snapchat has been doing so well at his job, he earned a good salary, he literally had a great life so what could have happened?

She turned the page again and saw information on his call logs then she smirked. She knew who she would be interrogating first and that would be twitter because she was the last person to call him five minutes before his death.


T.K. Solarin is an author, model and creative junkie. She’s a July baby that resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing makes her feel like a small god. She gets to create a world of her own with her characters. She’s the author and finisher of their fate.

Here’s her profile on The Spark: http://www.thesparkng.com/meet-t-k-solarin-18-year-old-author/

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