The Media Department: Chapter 8 ……..The Launch


The beeping of the alarm clock stirred twitter back into consciousness. She had taken an afternoon nap after work today so she could look refreshed for tonight’s party. She rubbed her eyes slowly and walked over to her cupboard to bring out her outfit for the night.

She took out a nice tight fitting black dress, a silver clutch bag and a pair of red heels to match.

She sighed. It’s not like she wanted to go for this party but she just had to because instagram wanted to go with her. He feels that the IOS would be there and if they came together then it would be like they have nothing to hide. But Twitter wasn’t absolutely sure about that. She knew that one way or the other they would be watching them no matter what.

She was about to take a walk to her bathroom to wash her face when she heard a knock on her door.

She sighed, “I’m coming.”

She slowly opened the door and was surprised by what she saw next….nobody.

Nobody was outside the door, nobody was in sight and it couldn’t have been another door because she didn’t have any neighbors. The only neighbors she had are the ones who lived on the next block. Then who knocked?

Twitter closed her eyes then opened it again, she can’t be crazy, she really did hear someone knock, she was sure of it.

She was about to shut the door and forget about it but then her eyes caught something on her door mat.

She gasped. It looked like a note …… but a note from who?

The note was turned upside down but she could tell that there was something written at the other side in a black pen.

She swallowed. What if the killer had found out that she was there that night?

Slowly, she bent down to pick up the paper. She closed her eyes tightly afraid to read the content as she turned the paper around.

Her eyes slowly fluttered open……she took her time to read the note and then she screamed when she heard someone say “boo!” in front of her.

Instagram laughed out loud and clapped his hands praising himself for being a good prankster.

“Are you crazy, why would you scare me like that!!!” Twitter yelled.

He continued to laugh, “calm down, take life easy it was only a joke mehn.”

She raised her brows, “so you think this is funny” she said shaking the note in front of his face.

“Why would you write ‘I got you’ and leave it in front of my door.”

He chuckled lightly, “because I think it’s fun.”

She tore the paper in anger, “it’s not funny, you know I’m already tensed about the whole situation and you’re playing games.”

He sighed, “alright, I’m sorry….are you ready let’s go.” he said running his hands over his tuxedo in an attempt to smoothing it.

“I’ll just go wear my clothes, I’m not putting on make-up so give me five minutes.” she said rushing into her room.

Instagram waited for at least twenty minutes before he saw Twitter walk out of her bedroom wearing a beautiful black dress with amazing red heels and she put her long blonde her in a ponytail and wore light make-up.

He stared at her for what seemed like eternity before he finally spoke. “Wow!!”

A little bit of red showed on her cheeks, “are you ready?”

He raised his brows, “I’ve been ready since university.

Killer had just finished dressing up and the only thing killer needed to add was a wristwatch to finish up the look. Killer looked in the mirror then killer smiled. This is it, this is the night when killer would find out if Twitter was the one that witnessed the murder or not. Killer was seriously hoping that she comes with red shoes or at least the key holder but whatever the case may be, Killer’s eyes would sure be on Twitter. It’s show time…..

killer smirked.


T.K. Solarin is an author, model and creative junkie. She’s a July baby that resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing makes her feel like a small god. She gets to create a world of her own with her characters. She’s the author and finisher of their fate.

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