The Media Department: Chapter 7 ………Another Little Secret


W-app shifted and turned on the soft comfy bed she was lying on. She had a pretty damn rough night yesterday, not that she didn’t like it rough but they had gone on and on last night like as if Electronia was gonna blow up the next day. Sex, sex, sex and more sex.

She was definitely tired. She tried to shift her legs under the covers but she winced in pain when she felt the soreness between her legs. ‘Yeah, damn pretty rough’ She thought.

Her eyes fluttered open slowly. She took in her surroundings then she frowned, she saw her lover dressing up so quickly and she wondered why. Where was he rushing too?

“Why are you in a haste, aren’t you tired?”

She heard him scoff at her question, he remained silent while he was putting his trousers on. She watched him finally tuck in his shirt then he turned to acknowledge her presence.

“Why won’t I hurry, I have a meeting by nine an it’s eight thirty.”

She pouted, “is it that important?”

He raised his brows, “well it’s more important than you.”

She hated it when he reminded her of how worthless she was to him. Yes of course she needed the job, yes she wanted to keep it but he doesn’t have to be so mean to her. After all, she is giving him one of man’s greatest needs.

She furrowed her brows, “you didn’t really have to say that you know….”

Samsung shrugged, “well it’s just that sometimes you get to carried away and forget the reason you have your job in the first place.”

“I haven’t forgotten, and don’t go reminding me that you can employ W-chat and P-chat even if they aren’t up to me.”

He smirked, they aren’t up to you because you work for me.”

“Don’t go forgetting that I know a lot about you that could ruin you Mr.” she smiled knowing fully well that would get him to shut up.

He sighed, “and I know what can ruin you too Miss.”

She cocked her head to the side, “but you know that if you talk you and I would be ruined. That’s why it’s good that you’ve kept your mouth shut sweet boss.” she smirked.

Mackintosh straightened the collar of her shirt as she followed Microsoft’s assistant Lumia, to his office. She was presently at Windows Tech company to find out everything possible about Microsoft and Snapchats meeting.

“Excuse me boss, Mackintosh is here from the IOS.” She heard Lumia say from inside the office.

Not up to three seconds later, Lumia came rushing out. “He said you should come in.”

She opened the doors for Mackintosh and closed it firmly behind her.

“It’s nice of you to come say hi to me Mack.” He said putting out his cigar.

Mack used her hand to cover her nose slightly so the smoke from the cigar doesn’t have a chance to make her cough.

Microsoft pouted, “aww I didn’t know you were allergic.”

She shook her head, “I’m not and besides, I came here for business.” she took the pictures out from her folder and placed it in front of him.

Microsoft gulped. “Where did you get this?”


“Nanya what?”

Mackintosh cocked her head to the side, “nanya business.”

Microsoft scoffed when he finally got her sarcasm. “So now you think I have something to do with his death because of this crap right?”

Mack shrugged. “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me.”

“Look, snapchat was the one who wanted to see me because of Samsung.”

Mack furrowed her brows, “Samsung? why, what was going on between them.”

Microsoft sighed, “Samsung was threatening him.”

Mack scoffed, “why would he do that, what for?”

Microsoft shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Just talk to me, it’s not like he is your friend.” she pleaded.

Microsoft sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “Why don’t you go ask him yourself, he is the one who knows why he was threatening snapchat, I have nothing to do with it.”

“And you think he is going to be stupid enough to tell me?”

Microsoft shrugged.

She sat forward, “tell me something will you…” she paused, then, “what were you two doing at Android that very night?”

Microsoft swallowed. He didn’t like this, the last thing he wanted was to be dragged into this while mess and now here he was, being interrogated by the IOS and it was all Samsung’s fault from the very beginning.

“Everything happened because I wanted to employ snapchat and he almost took the job.”

Mack nodded, “so wait, you gave snapchat an offer and he almost took it but because Samsung was threatening him he couldn’t take it?”

He nodded, “yes, he met up with me that morning to turn the offer down. I asked why and he told me that Samsung didn’t want him to leave Android.”

“I see, snapchat is what makes Android different anyway because you don’t have it. But what did he use to threaten him?”

Microsoft shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe his family, his girlfriend or maybe Sam had some dirt on him. All I know is that he was being threatened.”

“So why did you meet with Samsung at the office that night?”

“Because I wanted to discuss about snapchat. I wanted to tell him that I had the evidence of him threatening snapchat, I was going to tell him to strike a deal with me or I’ll turn in the threats.”

“So you wanted to blackmail him?”

Microsoft chuckled, “I won’t call it blackmail, I’ll call it a business deal.”

“And what business deal could that possibly be?”

“I wanted us to merge companies. After all, it was the both of us that started Android together but that son of a b**** tricked me into signing something that states I agreed to leave him the company.”

“Wow, so that’s the real beef between you two huh.”

“We started everything together, I personally employed snapchat, instagram and all. But he wanted everything so he pushed me out!” Microsoft exclaimed through gritted teeth, anger was evident on his face.

“Then why didn’t you tell us about the threats earlier, we could have been on to him since and that would given him a bad name which won’t help Android.”

“It was of no use, Samsung has his way around things and besides, he didn’t even do it so….” Microsoft shrugged after his sentence.

“Oh, why are you so sure. Do you know who did it?”

He smirked. “And if I did, do you think I’ll tell you?”


T.K. Solarin is an author, model and creative junkie. She’s a July baby that resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing makes her feel like a small god. She gets to create a world of her own with her characters. She’s the author and finisher of their fate.

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