The Media Department: Chapter 5 …….Who’s been watching?


Instagram thought of her words carefully. It had never occurred to him that Microsoft and Samsung had no reason to be there that night. So what were they both doing in the office that night? besides, those two weren’t even friends.

He shook his head, ”I’m confused, I don’t even want to think about it anymore Twit.”

She sighed, then nodded in agreement.

”Let’s leave whatever happened that night for the IOS to solve.”

”Yes your right but I just think we should also look into it because we are all involved one way or the other.”

”Did you tell the IOS about the email and everything?’

Twitter bit her lips then shook her head, ”no, I didn’t bother. I’m also scared for my life to you know.”

He nodded then pushed some of her hair behind her ear.

Twitter was already beginning to feel nervous, she immediately got up then, ”I guess you would be staying the night since its eleven o’clock already so I’ll go prepare the guest room for you.” she said before walking off.

Instagram smirked. He knew she was starting to feel nervous already which was good for him because of what he wanted to achieve this night, It had been quite a while since they had been together because of the whole thing with damn snapchat but tonight was not gonna pass him by.

Twitter tip toed to the kitchen in her red night gown, it was twelve noon and she couldn’t even sleep. Not because of the whole murder case but because of the fact that Instagram was in her house. In other to respect snapchats memory, she made sure instagram didn’t touch her. That didn’t stop her form feeling guilty though, it’s not like she respected him while he was still alive.

She sighed as she poured herself a cold glass of water. She needed it, at least to get her mind off insta…….. Twitter shrieked and her glass fell to the floor immediately after she heard instagram’s voice ‘cuming’ from behind her.

She heard him chuckle lightly. She moved away from the broken glass and slowly made her way to the kitchen slab to create some distance between her and instagram.

She held back a gasp when she saw Instagram standing there in a tight Calvin Klein underwear with no shirt on.

”I…I… didn’t know you were” She stuttered.

He raised an eyebrow.

She had to search her brain for something, ‘oh yes dinner’ she thought.

”Are you hungry I can make you something real quick if you want.”

His red tongue darted out quickly to link his bottom lip. ”Yeah” He paused, then, ”I’m really hungry.”

Twitter held on to the slab for support because her legs felt suddenly weak.

”W-what would you like?”

He smirked. The look in his eyes told her everything that he wanted. ”I would really like” he began, walking slowly to where she was with his voice low, ”to eat you.”

He gripped the hem of her night gown tightly.”Did you wear this for me?”


His eyes went from her face down to her legs, lingering there for a moment then back up to her face. ”Sexy.”

She gasped. She placed her hands on his shoulder for support as she parted her lips to say something.

There was something powerful that made him so irresistible to her when he was in this mood,,,,,his playful and teasing mood.

”You know what?” He said against her lips. ”I’m really really hungry. In fact.” He groaned, ”I’m starving.”

She could feel the warmth coming from him, the smell of his masculine scent and the feel from his hardness against her thighs made her feel drunk.

Slowly, he lifted up her night gown, pulled down her panties and then he was about to start making love to her when he saw the flash of a camera come from outside the kitchen window.

Someone was taking pictures.

He immediately let go off her and ran straight to the door.

”What’s going on?” She asked, suddenly frightened by the way he had left her.

”Someone was watching us.” He said before running out the door to go in search of the person.

Twitter followed from behind him. The breeze of the cold night made her shiver slightly.

She hugged herself tightly. ”So, did you you see anybody?” She asked when she saw instagram ‘cuming’ back from the backyard.

He shook his head in disappointment. ”The person got away.”

”But who could it have been, some stupid teenager?”

Instagram bit his lower lip, ”I doubt it. It must have been somebody who knows about us or who is connected to snapchat.” He paused, then, ”If this gets to the IOS then they would be on to us.”

She sighed, ”Unbelievable. Couldn’t you have run father, you may have caught up with the person you know.”

He scoffed, ”Do you really expect me to go out like this?” He pointed to his underwear. Then, ”you want people to think I’m a pervert or a mad person right?”

She sighed and muttered a ‘sorry.’

Instagram ran his fingers through his hair, ”They are gonna start watching us closely because of this. Whoever did this must have known for quite a while.”

”But who the hell could it be, we’ve been so secretive.”

Instagram shook his head, ”I don’t know. The person was wearing a hoodie and by the looks of things, it could be a woman.”


T.K. Solarin is an author, model and creative junkie. She’s a July baby that resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing makes her feel like a small god. She gets to create a world of her own with her characters. She’s the author and finisher of their fate.

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