The Media Department: Chapter 3…… What lies abound?


How could you do that, why would you get Bing to publish that stupid article!!” Samsung yelled. He was seriously trying to stop himself from smashing his phone on the floor. Hearing Microsoft’s laughter at the other end of the phone was a good enough reason to do that.

“I know you and I have our differences but that doesn’t mean you trash my company… I don’t even trash yours.”

Microsoft sighed, “I didn’t trash your company, I only trashed Instagram.”

“Yes and instagram works for me you fool, just butt out of my business already.”

Microsoft scoffed, “it’s just a business strategy aren’t you even worried about why your fellow staff died or at least who killed him?”

Samsung used his fingers to massage his forehead, “there’s no need to worry about that, it was simply a suicide.”

Microsoft chuckled lightly, “even you yourself doesn’t believe that. You and I were both there that night, we heard a car drive out with speed from the office garage remember?”

Samsung cursed, “look it was a suicide okay, at least that’s what it’s meant to be. Besides, I’m too busy with the company business I don’t have time for that right now!”

“Hmm, I don’t know why but sometimes I think you have something to do with it, you know you………” Samsung cut the phone before Microsoft could finish. He didn’t even want to hear the rest of it because he knew what that bastard was going to say. Microsoft didn’t even know much about him, he only knew that……..

His thoughts where interrupted by the sound of his door opening.

He rolled his eyes, “what you doing here Apple?”

She smiled, “it’s called commander Samsung.”

“Yeah whatever.” he muttered.

“I’m here with Mackintosh, she went to pay Instagram a visit at the department while I came up here to see you.”

“Well of course.” Samsung took his sit, “the IOS already found out about Bing’s article.”

“It’s all over the place, even YouTube is posting about it. Besides, I think it’s genius, Instagram may actually have something to do with it.”

“I gave him snaps job myself, he didn’t put a knife to my head damn it!!” Samsung yelled.

Apple chuckled, “why are you so quick to sweep everything that has to do with snapchat under the carpet, do you know. something?”


Instagram just kept staring at Twitter shamelessly at his work table. She looked effortlessly beautiful even without make up. Her skin was spotless, her blonde hair was long and wavy and her big blue eyes stood out gracefully from the rest of her body.

He had always wondered what a girl like her saw in that good for nothing man called snapchat. They had been dating since their schools days and there he was, always in the background, always there for her when she needed a shoulder to cry on and he always wanted more than what she gives him.

He smiled to himself then shook his head and thought to himself, “well not anymore snapchat, I’m about to take your place which should have been mine from the start, I’m glad you………. his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Mackintosh calling his name.

W-app sighed, “why are you staring at twitter like that, detective Mackintosh has been standing there calling you for the past five minutes.”

He just simply rolled his eyes I’m response and turned to Mackintosh, “sorry detective I was thinking. By the way, how can I help you?”

She smiled, “you can start by trying to convince me that the accusations made against you in Bing’s new article about you isn’t true.”

He chuckled lightly, “so you came to my office to interrogate me right?”

She shook her head, “not exactly, this is simply a friendly question and answer section.”

He raises his brows, “you don’t say, so what exactly do you want me to say about the article. You know Microsoft has a beef with Andriod, it’s just. unfortunate that I’m the one caught in between them.”

She cocked her head to the side, “which is similar to the kind of beef you’ve had with snapchat I suppose.”

He sighed, “what do you want?”

“Where were you the night Snapchat was murdered?”

He swallowed, “I don’t know, it’s either I was in a strip club or maybe I was taking a piss in my toilet.” he shrugged.

She raised her brows, “this isn’t a joke, where were at exactly ten o’clock the night snapchat was murdered?”

He gulped.

What was he going to do?” He thought. he couldn’t say the truth because if he did they would be on to him and that would be very bad…..

“Where were you, answer me instagram if you know you have nothing to hide?”

“I was at a club okay, I go to clubs every Friday night. It’s TGIF stuffs okay.”

She smirked, “that’s a lie!”

He scoffed, “and how would you know that?”

“Because we have a video of you going into the office that night exactly ten minutes before snapchat died. Can you explain to me what you were doing there?”

His neck stiffened then he swallowed, ” I went for work purposes.”

She nodded, “you don’t say, them why didn’t Samsung and Microsoft find you when they arrived?”

“I ran away when I heard a scream okay. Anything could be happening at that moment so I ran out, I left, I was scared, I didn’t want to die!”

“Is there anyone that can testify to you being there for work?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know, it was just me until I heard the scream and all.”

She nodded, “okay, I’ll pretend to believe you for now but I’m watching you closely instagram. I’ve got my eyes on you.”


T.K. Solarin is an author, model and creative junkie. She’s a July baby that resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing makes her feel like a small god. She gets to create a world of her own with her characters. She’s the author and finisher of their fate.

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