The Media Department: Chapter 2…….. A series by T.K. Solarin


‘The killer p.o.v’

Killer was playing with a small tennis ball in deep concentration as killer’s mind wondered back to the night it all went down. Killer couldn’t help but think about the person who saw the murder. Someone was there that night went it all went down, killer had heard the person scream when snapchats lifeless body fell to the floor. But who was it? killer had only seen the person’s back and it was a girl, but which girl could it be? someone who worked at Andriod or someone who just walked into the office at that particular moment. Killer didn’t even know whether the lady was blonde or red haired head, all killer knew was that she wore red shoes and her keys were attached to a hello kitty key holder. Killer could have run after her but killer had heard Microsoft and Samsung coming in so killer quickly dropped the knife to make it look like a suicide because killer had to flee. But one thing was certain, Killer would definitely find out who it was..even if killer had to kill every girl carrying a hello kitty key holder or wearing a red shoe.
Twitter kept staring into space, she couldn’t help but feel guilty about what happened to snapchat. it was her fault he had died, it was because of her he was in the office at that time in the first place. She couldn’t help but think why she wanted to end the relationship before he died. She had called him to meet up but couldn’t get to see him because she met someone digging a knife into his chest at that moment at the office. She saw the person that night, she couldn’t make out who it was but she saw that mold at the back of the killers neck. She knew someone was threatening him she had seen the texts, read the emails but what sacred her the most was the fact that it was a ………. her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of instagram’s voice.

“Watcha thinking about blue, how bad your ex-boyfriend was in bed?” he said chewing gum with a smirk on his face. He always called her blue because that was her dress code to work. His was rather to girly he had to wear pink on black while W-app wore green.

W-app twisted her face in disgust, “have some respect for the dead will you. I know fully well you didn’t like him that much but come on.”

Instagram shrugged, “that’s not my problem, besides don’t you think work is more peaceful without here?”

Twitter rolled her eyes, “shut up already, at least I guess you happy you have his job now.”

“Huh!” W-app exclaimed, “has who’s job?”

Instagram smirked, “boss told me to add stories to my site since snap is dead. We gotta give those slay queens the opportunity to lip sync to songs they don’t know.”

W-app rolled her eyes, “if I didn’t know you better I would say you killed him but guess what dude..”


“No matter how hard you try your filters would never be has good as his.”

Instagram faked a laugh, “and then you think you savage with what you just said, let me just start….insta stories would slay the whole world bitch!”

W-app snickered, “I’m pretty sure if I had a chance to do mine it would be much better, your insta story is lame.”

“Bitch please stick to texting.” W-app didn’t bother to say anything, she just stuck her tongue out at him in response.

“Oh Errm guys, F-book came on my site to tweet about snapchats death.”

Instagram scoffed, “I thought that jerk didn’t want to have anything to do with us since he became dean of LG university.”

“So, it doesn’t mean. Besides, all went to the same university so what’s wrong with it.”

“That dude just thinks to highly of himself. We literally offer everything he has, it’s just because he was first and trust me” he paused, “that’s because Mark Zuckerberg is his god father.”

“And Mark was also our lecturer at the University so stop saying shit Insta your voice is so annoying.” W-app yelled.

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“That’s enough guys sto…..” Twitter’s words were interrupted by Sony calling her name.

“Yeah what’s up?” she asked.

Sony sighed, “it’s not good, Siri from the IOS called, they want you to come in for questioning.”

“Whoops, seems like someone is in trouble.” instagram muttered.

Twitter played with her fingers nervously, she didn’t know what to do. She had to choose between saying the whole truth or leaving some out. The killer had seen her and if she talks the killer would know its her and she might get killed. twitter wasn’t ready to die, she had the best job and the best friends and she wasn’t gonna give that up for anything.

Mackintosh took her sit at the other end of the table, she opened up her note pad then looked up at twitter.

”Coffee?” she asked.

Twitter shook her head, ”no thanks.”

Mackintosh sighed, ”Okay so lets get down to business. According to the information we received you were the last person to call twitter twenty minutes before he died and you two were also in a relationship is that correct?”

Twitter looked down at her feet and nodded.

”May we know what happened when you two met up?”

Twitter signed, ”we never did because when i got to the office he was already dead detective.”

”And did you see anything?”

She swallowed then shook her head.

Mackintosh took note of her nervousness, she saw Twitter play with her hands nervously under the table and gulp many more times. She knew this girl knew something and she was going to find out.


T.K. Solarin is an author, model and creative junkie. She’s a July baby that resides in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing makes her feel like a small god. She gets to create a world of her own with her characters. She’s the author and finisher of their fate.

Here’s her profile on The Spark:

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