Manchester Arena: Salman Abedi called mother before attack to ask for forgiveness

Fresh reports have emerged that says Salman Abedi, the suspected bomber that deployed the explosive killing 22 people in Manchester on Monday may have have called his mum hours before the attack.
A spokesman for an anti-terror force in Libya  Ahmed Bin Salem confirms that he called his mother hours before the attack and said, “Forgive me.”
Salman Abedi’s mother Samia Tabbal and three of his siblings in Libya were summoned for questioning and the mother told interrogators that her son left Libya for England only four days before the bombing and called her on the same day of the attack.
“He was giving farewell.” Bin Salem said. He also added that Libyan investigators think, based on what Hashim Abedi told them, “the bomber acted alone.”
He says the brother told them that Salman learned how to make explosives on the internet and wanted to “seek victory for the Islamic State.”
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