7 Mobile Apps to Manage Your Money On Your Smartphone



Irokotv.com’s recent announcement that it’ll be shutting down its website for a strictly mobile based platform is evidence of mobile technology ‘s transformation of our humble phones into pocket size computers.

Since smartphones and mobile applications are now being used for more than just web browsing and playing games, it seems that even our unique financial needs can be serviced by a mobile financial advisor.

So, whether your financial needs are saving, better spending habits or security; there is an app available specially developed to suit your specific needs. To prove our point, the Click n compare team explored two top app stores and found 6 must have financial mobile apps.

Bokupon is a location based money saving coupon app that’ll allow you to get discounts at your favourite retailers in fashion, electronics, groceries, restaurants, cinema’s and even bars. While coupons are an obvious way to save, Bokupon removes the inconvenience of carrying a promotional flyer or print out email with promo codes, since it pushes deals directly to your phone. You redeem the discount by showing the barcode and mobile coupon pushed to your mobile device.
Platforms: Blackberry
Droid wallet
Looking to better manageyour expenses and income to track down some extra spending money, Droid wallet is exactly what you’re looking for. This money manager allows you to budget and categorise all your income and expenses like an accountant would.
Platforms: Android

I owe you
I owe you is an expense tracker, and helps you keep tabs on all your debt, bills and loans. This user-friendly debt management app notifies you of all debt you owe and as well as any debtors that owe you.

Platforms: Android, iPhone and Windows 8

Those looking to track expenses as they happen will love Expensify. This smart money manager makes organising your expense reports a breeze as it syncs to your bank account or credit cards automatically. Expensify also has a Smart scan feature which reads your receipt image and fill out the expense details
Platform: Blackberry

The billionaire game
The‘billionaire game’ might not directly help you accumulate money; it is through a wealth building simulation game. The game teaches users how to manage money while building a virtual business. The ‘billionaire game’ might not be for everyone, but if you aspire to launch your own business one day, the game has some nifty tricks that’ll prepare you in advance.

Platforms: Android

Mobile Biz
Mobile Biz is an invoice app that all Naija’s small business owners should be using. This app allows you to better manage your business’ finances, by allowing you to: create invoices on the go, generate payment receipts and manage customer accounts.
Platforms: Android

Scam Detector App
The scam detector is not a piece of sophisticated high-tech software that notifies you and block scammers from accessing your bank account. The free app does however,  provide insight into 650 of the most notorious scams in the world. Allowing you to learn how these scams work and how you should protect yourself.

Platform: Android

Since app stores house billions of applications, should anyone of these five mobile application not meet your financial need, use the app store on your smartphone to do some exploring of your own.

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