Kylie Jenner now allegedly dating Travis Scott after split from Tyga



Kylie Jenner is not messing around anymore. The reality tv star has moved on from Tyga and is loving her new man, Travis Scott, now more than ever.

“Tyga’s such a user and being with Travis has made Kylie see that,” an insider told exclusively of how Kylie, 19, feels about her new relationship.

“Travis is so low-key, and doesn’t want to be seen. Where as every time she’s with Tyga, he’s always trying to go someplace loud where there’s a lot of people so he can be seen with her and get the paparazzi to take pictures of them together.”

Now that she and Tyga, 27, are over she has been seen in public regularly with her new beau Travis, 25, but maybe Kylie likes the way he handles it better.

Recall that on May 11, Tyga recorded a new diss track in the studio that was full of lyrics obviously directed at Kylie.

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“Yeah, Kylie heard him rap that he’s poppin’ and that’s why the paparazzi photograph him,” the insider said, noting that Kylie thinks Travis is a far better rapper.

“The real reason anyone cares about him is because of her and she’s finally realized that.


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