Kiss Daniel Falls Victim Of Impersonation, Apologizes To Fans[Read]




The fast-rising G-Worldwide entertainment artist, Kiss Daniel has fallen victim to impersonation on social media with a series of parody accounts set up to defraud his unsuspecting fans.
The Woju hit singer, who just concluded his first ever tour of the UK, took to his Instagram handle to reveal his authentic social media accounts on both Twitter and Instagram which is @iamkissdaniel, with a firm warning that any other similar-sounding accounts are fake, and enjoined his fans to ignore them.
“ Hi everyone, pls be beware of dese imposters@iam_kissdaniel @kissdanielofficial@iamkiss_daniels … They r not real accounts// pls and pls, don’t fall victim. The acc is @iamkissdaniel both on IG and Twitter … #scam alert… So sorry it’s coming late , was told some people already Paid them for only God knows wah.. Ignore pls, thank u.
Kiss is not alone in this as other several top Nigerian personalities have suffered similar fates.

He also apologised for the recent comments he made on TV during a recent interview. When he slammed critics who claimed he had not mourned his deceased father well enough, because he was busy going to shows and promoting his music career.
“@iamkissdaniel: I wanna apologize to everyone out there on some shitty stuff I said in an interview with HipTV.. Tho I meant well, but it came out wrong… Pls accept my apology”.

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