King Women: The Inspiring story behind Personal Shopper Remi Fagbohun is a must watch


This week’s episode of Kemi Adetiba and Accelerate TV‘s “King Women” features personal shopper and stylist Remi Fagbohun.

Her inspiring story will have you in tears, but not for the wrong reasons. It is a story of perseverance and patience.

Kemi Adetiba said:

“Did I forget to tell you the new episode of #KingWomen is now up and LIVE!!!! 🙌 And this one is FUEGO🔥 What is so intriguing about @remifagbohun’s story, is that we spent 6 hours interviewing her and STILL couldn’t get past her life story at age 21. She’s lived a lifetime in such a short time. This means we are going to have Remi come back to finish her story for season two…”

Remi Fagbohun says:

“I remember the beginning of King Women…it was a thought shared over dinner in NYC between friends. Hearing what Kemi wanted to do… I knew it was time and agreed to do this before I knew who or what it would entail! This isn’t a sob story (though I’m crying a lot in this) but it’s a story of how you DON’T give up – EVER!!! And how you help others , the way you were helped whenever you can! ENJOY!!!”

Watch video below:

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