Kenya gives a Young Orphan a Beautiful Story for Life



Some other countries of the world could have decided to choose a more beautiful young girl, a girl from an elite school or better still a girl from an influential family to present a bouquet of flower to the world’s most powerful president, Barack Obama at his arrival but not Kenya. They would rather choose an eight year old orphan from an orhpanage.

The young girl resides together with her colleagues in South C’s Mama Ngina children’s home and is a standard one pupil at Mariakani Primary School in South B. Her name is Joan Wamaitha.

For young Joan, she will go down in history books as the first person to greet a sitting US president on Kenyan soil. But President Obama was not interested in the flowers, he was more interested in Wamaitha. They hugged and whispered — words, she was told, she would cherish for life.

Even President Uhuru Kenyatta stood there watching as the young girl savoured her moment of fame.

The moment could not go unnoticed by social media users. They poured accolades on the young girl whose photo was going viral.

On Friday afternoon, she was picked from the children’s home and boarded a government car. She had been trained for the occasion and, when the time came, she did not disappoint.

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