Kanganyisa (Chapter 5) …….Video Trouble


Casa couldn’t believe her ears, what the hell did Weki mean by he was the one who shot the video. This was so crazy. She didn’t even know what to believe or who to believe. What if Weki was working for the Red Lions or is one of them rather. She couldn’t trust anybody at this moment except for her best friend, Ayanda Manu who was busy blushing at what Nash was saying at the other end of the bar.

She looked over to steal a glance at them then she sighed. “How the hell would you successfully tape a video of the Red Lions without getting killed Weki.”

Weki chuckled. “Because it was a mistake, it wasn’t meant to be.”

Casa scoffed. “Explain what you mean by that.”

Weki shrugged, “I’m a photographer okay, I was working on recording a tutorial video at the E-library when they all walked in and by all I mean the four of them.”

Casa gasped, “including Virus, you saw his face?”

Weki nodded, “all of them. I hid and the video was recording because I didn’t have time to stop it and that’s how the video came to be.”

“So how did Yeni get her hands on it?”

“She came to do a photoshoot in my place.” He paused, “she was supposed to watch a video on another flash but she took the one containing the video of the Red Lions and how stupid of me to have left it carelessly.”

“So then she watched it, took it and ran off right?”

Weki nodded, “I tried to get it back but it was too late. The Red Lions somehow found out about it and got to her before I could.”

Casa couldn’t believe her ears. Something definitely didn’t add up. How would Weki know she was even in trouble with them. Probably because he saw her with Tobe but so……thay shouldn’t mean anything. She couldn’t help but smell a fish, what if Weki was part of them, what if he was trying to trap her. She was so confused.

“I know you’re gonna doubt me but I was in school that night because I told Yeni to meet me in school.”

Casa’s mouth hung open, “what did you mean by you told her to meet you in school?”

He nodded, “yes I did but somehow the Red Lions beat me to it.”

She shook her head, “wow, did you see the murder?”

He nodded, “I saw everything and I saw you to Casa.”

“How….I mean, how the fuck did you know all about this and not go to the police.”

He scoffed, “and with what evidence Casa, I can’t just go there….besides if those freaks find out I’m a dead man Cass.”

He reached for her hand and squeezed it tight. “I need to find that flash. I know you’re looking for it to that’s why I need us to work together.”

Casa gasped, “and what makes you think I won’t betray you and report you to the Red Lions.”

He chuckled, “I don’t think you still want those guys to be alive after all the things they have done and you might probably get killed too.”

She sighed. “Okay, so let’s start by this.” She paused…..then, “tell me who virus is.”


Jaja shifted her glasses then rubbed her palms together. She picked up the flash drive and slotted it into the laptop.

She inhaled and exhaled, she was about to watch it’s content and she was definitely freaking out.

Whatever was in here got Yeni killed and it could get her killed too. Her plan was to watch it, tell someone about it and turn it in to the police.

The contents in the flash came on and she clicked on the video. She tapped her hands on the table while she waited for it to load. When the video came into view she gasped.

She put her hands over her mouth then shook her head. There were four of them. She saw them all. Their faces were unmasked, she saw Virus and his boys but somehow she couldn’t really see one person because his back was turned to the video. It’s like he knew they were being videoed or he probably was just lucky. But who was he?

Just as she was about to close the laptop someone walked in.

T.K. Solarin

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