Kanganyisa (Chapter 4) — Playhouse


Tsmaye sighed as she shut the door behind her. She had a rough time at work and it felt good to be home. She most especially hated the part when she had to question Malik Ruwa. She isn’t completely sure about anything yet but she knows Malik has something to do with it. He claimed he still stuck around for about Twenty-five minutes in case of anything and that Odasia was the last person he saw her with which kinda makes Odasia a suspect most especially because she was battling for team captain with Yeni Kayanka.

She walked slowly to her fridge to pour herself a huge glass of water. She was already getting tired with this whole situation and she hadn’t even started. She needed to catch Virus and to get him she had to get his team members first. All she knows is that they are four in number and they obviously won’t be so easy to find.

The sound of her son Nash (short for Nashena) calling her made her snap back into consciousness.

“You think to much you know.” he said giving her a kiss on her forehead.

She shrugged, “it’s my job honey. Where you off to?” she asked looking at him from head to toe.

“Playhouse, it’s Wednesday and I just wanna have fun ma.” Nash said with a smile on his face.

Tsmaye loved her son so much. He was the only thing that reminded her of his father the first and only love of her life. Nash was very handsome and intelligent, he was very studious and she was so happy that her son wasn’t involved in anything shady.

She smiled, “alright, you go but make sure you get back early okay.”

“Okay.” he gave her a kiss on her forehead then headed out.Slowly dancing to the music in. playhouse, Ayanda Manu walked over to the table Casa was sitting to give her a soda.

“Cheer up girl, why the long face uh?” Ayanda said taking a sit.

Casa just rolled her eyes, and took a sip from her drink Nobody and not even her friend can understand what she’s going through at this moment. Where the hell was she supposed to start from with the flash drive uh?

“Okay, since you’re being such a drag, I’m gonna go over there to start a conversation with my crush.” Ayanda said blushing from cheek to cheek when see saw Nash come in.

Casa had always known her best friend had a thing for Nash. As for Casa, she didn’t want to have anything to do with anybody in B.U.N but unfortunately she’s stuck with Tobe.

She just took a deep breath when Ayanda ditched her for Nash and closed her eyes. She tried to think of the first place or person that flash could be with.

The snap of someone’s fingers interrupted her from her thoughts. She opened her eyes then squeezed her face when she sighted Weki Udasa.

Weki was the one guy that liked her but she just didn’t bother giving him a chance. She definitely needed someone better for herself, not some lousy photographer.

“You again.”

Weki smiled, “hello beautiful.”

She furrowed her brows, “what do you want now huh?”

He smiled, “I wanna help you.”

She scoffed. “And why would you think I need help?”

“I saw you arguing with Tobe the other day.”

“And how is that your business?”

“Because I can help you, I know exactly what your looking for and I might just know where it is.”

Casa sat forward, “do you know exactly what you are talking about Weki? ”

He nodded, “it’s the flash drive.”

She gasped, “how did you know about that?”

He smiled, “I know a lot of things Cass. I know way to much basically because I’ve been doing my own research to.”

“So that’s why you want the flash, what do you have to do with the Red Lions it’s best you stay away Weki.”

He smiled, “that’s my flash drive Cass.”

Casa started to cough when she heard her say that. it’s like her Soda had gone down the wrong hole.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked.

“It’s my flash drive.” he paused, then, “I was the one who took the video.”

A series by T.K. Solarin

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