Kanganyisa (Chapter 3) …….More to it


Casa’s sneakers squeaked on the basket ball court as she walked towards Tobe Ubangi who was busy engrossed in bouncing the basket ball playfully.

”There you are you piece of shit.” Casa crossed her arms.

Tobe smirked, ”I think you know there’s a better way to say hi to me right?”

She gritted her teeth, ”to hell with greeting you Tobe.”

”Damn! why we so mad this morning? issa weca demine du sas la nisse.” (is it because of no sex last night)

He paused, then……”You know it wasn’t your turn right?”

She groaned and hit her fist on his chest. ”Stop saying shit to me damn it, you know the last thing I want to do is to have sex with you.”

He cocked his head to the side, ”so why you doing it then?”

She hissed. ”You know you’re blackmailing me right, and it’s gonna get to a time when i’m gonna get tired of it.”

He chuckled lightly, “You’re not gonna get tired of anything because if not for me you won’t be alive.”

“So you want me to thank you for ruining my life right?” she paused, she looked around then brought her voice down to a whisper. “How dare you tell virus that I’m good for the job, I never said I wanted to be part of the red lions you prick.”

“I believe you don’t understand the fact that you don’t have any say here. I’m the one who dictates what happens to you because your life is in my hands.”

“He told me to look for a flash, where the hell I’m I supposed to start from? I’m not superman you know.”

He took her by the hand and pulled her close to him. “Neither are we but we doing everything we can to find it because it has to do with us, so if you know what’s good for you, you will do as Virus says except you wanna have your head on a plate.”

“And what do we have here?” Odasia Ruwanka said walking in with her long braids tied up into a bun and her very neat cheer leading outfit.

Odasia was her worst nightmare and one bitch she hates to see. She was in other words Tobe’s ex-girlfriend and now his fuck buddy. Odasia looked like she could be one of the people who has close ties with the red lions Casa wasn’t sure about that. Besides, she’s always been competing with Yeni for the post of team captain and now that Yeni is dead, well…….. Casa had been there that night and she didn’t see Odasia except for the boys and of course they all had masks on. She only saw Tobe when he came to meet her at her hiding spot, she saw everything that night and there was nothing stopping her from going to the police but if she did Tobe would talk and if he did, we all know what happens next.

Casa rolled her eyes, “here comes your bitch, I’ll leave.”

She heard Tobe chuckle, “you my bitch to for as long as you alive baby.”

She just groaned and walked out, she’s gonna have to get used to her new messed up life one way or another. The sooner she finds the flash the better.


Malik Ruwa tapped his fingers on the metal table impatiently. He had to get back to class immediately, his father is the chancellor of B.U.N and he knew he couldn’t afford to fail, although he knew he was here for questioning and he definitely knew why.

He smiled. “You not getting anything out of me.” He muttered under his breath.

He watched as Tsmaye sat down and pushed a cup of coffee to him.

“Coffee?” she asked.

He furrowed his brows, “E passe intoren, lis asse du basine.” (I’m not interested, let’s just get down to business.)

She smiled, “good then. So where were you as at eight pm last week Friday.”

He shrugged, “I was at playhouse, it’s TGIF for all of us at B.U.N.”

She nodded, “I see, who were you with by the way.”

He sighed, “I was with Yeni at that moment.”

“To my knowledge, she had sent you a text to take her to school by nine am I right?”

He looked at his feet then nodded.

“What was your girlfriend doing at school and who was she gonna meet?”

He swallowed, “she wasn’t my girlfriend anymore, she broke up with me for some reason and I was trying to get her back and for who she was going to meet, I have no idea.”

Tsmaye smiled, “nice.” she brought out a file, removed some pictures and placed it on the table.

Malik swallowed, ‘how the hell did she get this pictures?’ he thought. The pictures had already implicated him in some way and it’s definitely gonna be difficult for him to lie. What if she finds out that he was there that night, he’s gonna be in trouble.

“So?” Tsmaye asked pointing at the pictures. “From what I see here you dropped her off, you stayed in the car for a while then you went in…..to do what exactly?”

He stiffened his jaw, “she was taking too long so I went in to check on her and she was okay so she told me to go.”

“And who was she with?”

He thought for a bit, “she was with Odasia, they had some cheerleader stuffs I guess.”

“Well from the pictures from the CCTV cameras.” she shuffled through the pictures, “you went in at nine-twenty and left at exactly ten o’clock which was after the murder took place according to the time on the camera. So tell me, what did you use that thirty-five minutes to do Mr Malik Ruwa because I don’t assume that she was telling you to go back home for that long.”

He gulped.

A series by T.K. Solarin

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