After Just 10 Months, Oscar Pistorious To Leave Prison

After Just 10 Months, Oscar Pistorious To Leave Prison
It has been revealed that, after just 10months behind the bars, he will be released from the Kgosi Mampuru prison, Pretoria in two months’ time, when he leaves prison around August, he will see out the rest of his term under house arrest.

eNCA reports that, the double amputee  is up for parole on 21 August which may be granted should his parole bid approved.  Also, the state’s appeal against his acquittal will be heard in court by November, three months after his original release date.

In a statement, South Africa’s Acting National Commissioner of Correctional Services Zach Modise confirmed that the parole board that seated on Friday approved “the placement of Oscar Pistorius under correctional supervision” from August 21.

Still in the statement, under South African law, Pistorius was eligible to “serve only one-sixth of his sentence in custody, and continue to serve the remaining period of the sentence under correctional supervision.”

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