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Meet Jennifer Gentet – The Media Personality


Jennifer Gentet, also known as Jenny Gentet, is a Brand Builder, an Executive TV producer, an Author, TV HOST and CEO Innovative creations and Communication LTD (ICC).

She had a lot to say when she was asked about how she started. “I attended the France Business School. My educational background was in marketing communication and advertising, brand management, and sociology etc. Most importantly I attended the school of life.”

“The truth is that I’ve gained more knowledge from many years of my working experience than anyone could gain in any business school or in universities. My first job was at L’Oreal Paris many years ago. Later on I worked as a Brand Manager for a reputable lifestyle brand company. I am also a creative writer, I have written quite a good number of TV commercials, and have worked behind the scenes of TV productions. My first book “SIX EFFECTIVE STEPS TO YOUR BETTER SELF” was published in 2014.”

“Now I run a brand building and production company, “Innovative Creation and communications” (ICC). I am the Creator and the Executive Producer of documentary TV shows” Lives of Nigerians in Diaspora and “Lives of Expatriates in Nigeria etc. I have lived and worked in three different continents around the world and I have also travelled to many countries around the world. The nature of my job requires a lot travelling.”

She also admitted that the road has not been all rosy. “You will always encounter challenges whenever you start anything new in a different country than you are used to, especially when you are building from the ground up. I am an experienced brand builder and not afraid of challenges. But of course it was tough at the beginning, putting everything, financing and investing on my projects.”

“You know being a woman in my field it can be bit hard getting people to listen to your ideas and convincing them to come on board when it regards to innovative ideas. But once your idea takes off, everyone will be queuing up to join the train. One of the great things about setting up your business in Nigeria is that there are so many untapped potentials and business opportunities. One could start a small business in Nigeria and it would grow beyond their imagination, Nigeria has that type of potential, although authenticity and consistency are some of the essential elements to successfully build brands. I call Nigeria “THE DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH.”

Her parents are her major source of inspiration.

When asked about the project that increased her confidence, she has this to say, “Aside Brand Building, being a TV producer, TV host and an author, I have also created a project called “ICC Young Entrepreneur Empowerment”. It’s a program established to offer financial support to the Nigerian youths, students, young entrepreneurs and start ups.”

Now, she is l looking forward to a more flexible way of doing business in Nigeria, especially, easy government policies.

On youth empowerment, Jennifer Gentet asserts, “I am also a strong believer of the youth, because I believe that the future of every nation lies in the hands of the youths of that Nation. Nigeria has reportedly the highest percentage of the youths. We need to not only educate our youths, but also provide them with the guidance and support they need.”

“We need to invest in the business, engineering, science, art, crafts and technology among others of our youths. I have decided in my own little way to help the youth with my own yearly program “ICC Young Entrepreneur Empowerment Campaign”.

“I think Nigerian youths should be enlightened on the true history of the country and get involved in politics. We have to invest in our youth for better Nigeria.”

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Her personal Instagram handle: @Jennygentet

Her business Instagram and Youtube page: @ICCSHOWTV



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