Janelle Speaks: On Legalising Abortion in Nigeria


I have always wanted to talk about this controversial topic Abortion.

I’m the type of person who is a 100% pro-choice.

Why is suicide illegal? Or what’s wrong with an abortion? ‘Cause you never know what a person is going through.

That’s why I want to talk about why I am pro-abortion.

First of all, what is abortion? My dictionary says:

“Abortion is the cessation of pregnancy or foetal development”

The cessation of foetal development. Noted.

The argument pro-life-ers have is “Abortion is murder” “Abortion is a sin”

Okay, first of all, the termination of a foetus is not the same as the elimination of a life. A foetus is not a human as long as it remains inside the uterus.

Murder is the deliberate killing of a human being.

Can a foetus/embryo or a zygote be classified as a human?

I’m gonna humbly allow the section 307 of the Criminal Code of Nigeria answer this:

“A child becomes a person capable of being killed when it has completely proceeded in a living state from the body of its mother…”

Obviously, since the foetus is not a person but a potential life, there is absolutely no reason why it should have the same right to life as persons in Law.

May I also remind you that the foetus can be likened to an egg which metamorphosizes into a hen. At that stage where it is an egg, it is just that- an egg. It is not a hen now, is it?

The foetus grows into a human being; but before that stage, it is just that- a foetus.

I also referred to the foetus being a parasite and I will still make that comparison yet again. The foetus is just like a parasite. Grab a dictionary, take a look at what the word parasite connotes.

The existence of the foetus is dependent on its mother for a period of 9 MONTHS. Since the foetus derives its supply of food and other nutrients from the mother, can it not be likened to a parasite in the womb?

So, if anybody wants to talk about the child’s right to life, it shouldn’t be a sanctimonious Pastor or an overly righteous Nigerian who is being his natural busy body self, it should be its mother. The mother has her body, the mother is the one responsible for everything concerning the foetus and even what happens to the child AFTER it is born. The mother (8 out of 10 times) is the one saddled with taking care of the child, so what business of yours is it if she decides to keep or get rid of it?

Do you enter people’s houses and tell them what to do with it? Why are people (men especially) so particular about what a woman chooses to do with her body? They stand up and leave after getting a woman pregnant but she HAS to bear the pregnancy whether or not she likes it?

Such idiocy.

Nobody makes any reference whatsoever to a man who leaves a woman wondering whether or not she should keep or get rid of a pregnancy. Everybody assumes the woman should’ve “shut her legs” or been “more decent” or perhaps “not gone out at night” or even “not have sex when you’re not ready for a child”. But, I digress…

It is not wrong for a woman to get an abortion with a view to improving her own welfare. Any woman who wants to abort should be given the right to do so. Some people are vehemently against abortions, for the simple reason that it could destroy a woman’s womb or her entire life. No.

Quacks lead women to their untimely graves. And why do we have quacks? Oh yes… because the abortion laws in the country are way too rigid.

Women who get raped can’t get an abortion.

Women who get news of the child being mentally or physically unstable can’t get an abortion.

Women who are told the child puts them at risk cannot get an abortion.

I mean: Whyyyyy???

If the primary aim of law is Justice, isn’t it the highest degree of injustice to allow a woman carry a pregnancy whereby she was raped? Have that child and forever suffer from psychological depression and trauma?

Even when a woman is not financially nor physically ready to have a child, she should be allowed to abort it. There are so many kids roaming the street, because the society says “Abortion is bad.”

The society doesn’t look at the bigger picture. The society doesn’t contribute to raising unwanted children. The society has no provision for destitute kids. The society doesn’t know your struggle. The society doesn’t talk about safe sex. The society is unreasonably fanatic. The society doesn’t know anything. The society is wrong.

Janelle Isaac

Isaac Janelle
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