Is Your Relationship a Fling or a Spring? 7 ways to Find Out



Ok, you are in a relationship and you are not sure if the relationship will ‘fling’ you against the wall or be a sping board to a happy life. Your worry is common, afterall,  no one wants to invest thier emotions, time and money in a relationship that isn’t worth it, at least, not when you are expect something real. Before you go any farther into the relationship, it is important to know what your partner really wants, a fling or a spring?

1. Has your bae built a great relationship in the past?

Don’t run off thinking you are the exception to the rule, if your bae hasn’t built a great relationship in the past, chances are that what you both share might just be a fling. How much has your bae put into a past relationship? how long did it last? please ask!

2. Is your partner progessive about your relationship?

Now, this isn’t asking you to skip dating and go straight to courtship, it is simply seeking to know if they are willing to groom your relationship to bliss or at least for both of you to come out better than you went in.

3. Does your partner prefer to take rather than give?

Sorry, your relationship is a fling if bae is always after what they can get from the relationship rather than sacrifice something for it.

 4. Has bae been hurt so many times?

If your answer to that is yes, watch it your relationship might be a fling. Being hurt makes bae go easy on being committed and providing anything assuring because really they find it difficult to go through that pain of investing emotions and losing it at the end of the day.

5. Does bae avoid your folks?

You are in a fling relationship if bae sees your family or friends as elements that represent commitment and responsibility, something that they are not really ready for. Does bae avoid meeting people that are really close and intimate with you?

6. Is bae always complainging about something in you?

Your relationship is a fling if bae compalins about unnecessary things, wanting everything to be perfect in you and in circumstances surrounding the relationship. Bae is simply looking for an excuse to quit, he doesnt want anything serious.

7. Does bae always want to be free to do and undo?

You are in a fling if bae cheerish freedom and wouldn’t want that freedom or independence to be hindered by anyone. They see a serious relationship as a hindrance to doing what they like, when they like.

In the end it is left for you to understand these signs and be willing to let bae be, bae isn’t bae afterall. Share your thoughts with me below.

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