How has the internet changed your morals?



With over 67 million people connected to the internet in Nigeria, the rules of morals and etiquette have since changed and many are not aware of these changes happening in their lives.

Being a culture-centric people, there are customary behaviors among Nigerians like greeting an elder or older person ‘properly’ before engaging them in a conversation, but all that and many others have changed and everyone has been guilty at one time or the other.


There was nothing wrong in saying or typing ‘Good morning’ until social media arrived, thanks to the internet. Many young people now simply say: ‘Morning’, when they type, it is: ‘mrn’, ‘gudmrn’ etc in a bid to fulfill all righteousness.

Smartphones at home: 

There are places where and occasions when phones need to be put away. For instance, it’s rude to text or update your Facebook status in the middle of a face-to-face conversation of any kind. If you’re expecting an important call or text, let your companion know and wait for the notification. Don’t keep checking as if what’s happening — or not happening — on your phone is more important than the person in front of you


There’s no telling that the internet has changed the way young people dress, more disturbing is the way it has stripped many of their morals. Many people were not exposed to porn, sex chat, nudity until the advent of social media powered by the internet. And this is fast becoming a new normal.


The internet is the engine room of education, it influences the way people learn. While some count on the internet for learning, many are distracted by it while taking lessons in class, conferences, seminars and workshops in different ways, you know them.

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