Interesting People are not Born: Here's How 'Kunle' Became the Coolest Person in the Room



Kunle is the guy who makes everyone listen during a meeting, a conversation or over a drink during hang out. He’s the guy who appears the most interesting person during a convo and you have long wished you were Kunle. Perhaps you’ve concluded, “Kunle was born with it”, no he wasn’t, he learned how to and you too can!

First off, Kunle is confident

Kunle became the guy most admired in the room by simply learning to be confident. He always has that great smile on  that makes everyone feel comfortable around him. He takes it a notch higher by not looking at the painting on the wall or his shoes but staring right into your eyes as he speaks, that’s confidence. Learn to do that by looking at yourself in the people you are talking to, smiling and talking to them (try not to be sheepish about it tho). Use your close pals as ‘lab rats’ (I don’t mean it that way), speak slowly while at it.

Kunle listens to others with rapt attention

It’s simple: if you want others to listen to you, pay it forward. Kunle became that guy you admire by sincerely showing interest in you and what you have to say. He makes you talk about the things you love, asks questions, listens to the answers and keeps engaging you to talk about the things you love. And he does these watching you like the Chris in his aire for five minutes (tweet that if you get the punchline cc @paulosas1)Doing what Kunle does will make you a great conversationalist and a totally different person.

Kunle is brilliant

You know that awkward moment when everyone suddenly goes silent (yeah, that one), Kunle doesn’t let that happen, he appears to always have something to talk about and get everyone going. He’s always asking questions about individual experiences even as he talks about his. He always has great stories to tell that’s why he comes out as brilliant and the most interesting person in the room.

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Kunle is always trying out new things

Maybe you are wondering how Kunle tends to always have something interesting to talk about, well, he does by simply trying out new things. He steps out of his comfort zone and is never afraid to learn a thing or two from them. Tired of being boring, try new things, visit new places, leave your comfort zone, learn from them and Kunle will have nothing on you.

Kunle believes that some day cars will run on water

Kunle became the guy you love because he’s always positive and optimistic. This provides a magnetic field around him that attracts everyone else seeking to know why he’s so positive about life and living. Try to be like that, even in knockdown situations, stay positive and you’ll be the most interesting person wherever you find yourself.

N.B: Kunle is just a character. Tips apply to both male and female. If you will like to be a character in my pieces, leave a comment with the name on your facebook profile and I’ll make you my star, using your name and photo in my next piece (Fret not, it will be something positive) 

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