Some Inspirational Quotes by Africans


“Thanks for trying; at least you’ve did something, unlike those who just gave the instructions.”

William Lucky Tombeni — South Africa


“Life reflects you and what you do. The real you is not who you see in the mirror but who you see yourself as in your mind. Your mind reflects you. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, then change the picture of it or edit it. The truth about life is that you are editable if you place focus on the man in the mind more than the man in the mirror. See yourself as you want to be, not as who you are presently.”

Bassey Ndon — Nigeria


“Good opportunities are hard to find and often they come once in a lifetime. So if you find one, grab it with both hands and make good use of it.”

Maduwa Thabo — South Africa


“Your spirit, soul and body are covered. The one who rules in the affairs of men watches over you. Find your Smile in the midst of life’s storms; believe Him, He will take you there.”

Shirley Asiedu-Addo — Ghana


“When life gives one trouble, God gives hope and 10 solutions.”

Mohammed Sekouty — Egypt


“In this life of struggling, it’s the impossibilities within our minds which fail our future. Perseverance in every tough state leads us to the better destination.”

Tumwebaze Pastor — Uganda


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“When you are going through difficulties and wonder where God is, remember that a teacher is always quiet whenever the test is taking place.”

Muttaka Garba Dangamau — Nigeria


“Don’t ever do things to please people, such will make you regret. Always aim to please God. Seek His approval first in everything that you want to do or what comes your way.”

Chibesa Kangwa — Zambia


“When you face pain, the best place to be is with God rather than running away from Him.”

Martha Molepo — South Africa


“Being happy does not always need a reason. Just be happy.”

Prince Willis — Kenya


“Just when you think its over, just when you think you can’t continue, just when you think your strength, beauty and skills can’t carry you any longer, that’s just when God shows up. He is a timely God.”

Smek Uwakina — Nigeria





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