sweet hot dodo

Illustration by Sweet Hot Dodo


Sweet Hot Dodo is an anonymous illustrator on social media, who has always loved art.

“I’ve loved art my whole life but never studied, so I’m self-taught. I actually studied and graduated as an Engineer because I was made to believe that artist were “broke” and I should never pick art up as a profession.


“But no one (including myself) could truly kill the passion within me. I usually use art as an escape from the harsh realities of life. My dream is to actually turn this passion into wealth so I can quit my day job and start earning a living through this.”

Speaking on his art, he says, “I chose illustrations on this page because it takes me back to childhood. It takes me back to those simple days when my mum would buy me a brand new colouring book and set of crayons. And I would have to colour inside the outlined characters.”

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He is inspired by all things African. “Africa inspires my art; the food, the music and the women. This world would be lost without us.”


Connect with him on his Instagram page:  sweet.hot.dodo

“Comments, DMs, Follows and Likes are fully welcomed. Anyone is even free to share my work and tag me.”



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