Illustration by Oluwatoyin


Oluwatoyin Covenant Ajetunmobi, also known as Morby, is an Illustrator. “I’m obsessed with being one of the best in my generation. I strongly believe in the power of storytelling and I appreciate it when I see it in all forms of media, not just in visual art.”

A student of Computer Science and Engineering, Oluwatoyin says about his art, “As is the case with most artists, I’ve always drawn since I was a child. It was actually seeing Jack (from the Titanic movie) drawing that got me started. And then later on, I found comics, the art of storytelling with picture and words and after reading a lot of them and copying  drawing from them, I wanted to tell my own stories.

“So in primary school and secondary school, my brother and I made our own football comics and showed our mates. It wasn’t until secondary school that we started making some money off it – chicken change actually, but it was golden at the time.

“I never thought of it as a career until I attended the Lagos Comic Convention 2012, where I met hundreds of people who were passionate about the same thing as I am. And then I met professionals too, they showed me that it’s possible to make a living off art.


“Since then I was more deliberate with my practice, it wasn’t just practice for the sake of it but practising with the intention of becoming a professional that’s always in demand.

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“Fast forward to now, I’m working professionally and building my clientele and still working to improving myself. I’m not satisfied with where I am and I still have dreams to fulfill, but I believe I’m on the right path.”


Movies, music, photography and comics inspire him. “But apart from the other forms of media, I’m all about story telling. So my inspiration is usually from my experiences with people; family, friends, colleagues, basically anybody I relate with. I’m aware of the fact that I am trying to communicate something to an audience, so I try to relate with people and understand how they perceive things. I don’t want to be another artist that just paints pretty pictures; I want my pictures to actually mean something to people.”


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Instagram: j_morby


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