“The Spark Has Made Me Achieve My Goals”….Clem Ogus

“The Spark Will Help Me Achieve My Goals”….Clem Ogus


A platform that does what it says and says what it does is the real deal. Such was on display when Clem Ogus, Rookie for November received N200,000 cash  grant from The Spark BOSS, Chief Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu, CEO Chisco Group.

An elated Ogus, tells us how it feels to be empowered to achieve your goals in this interview with Paul Osas.

PO: Hello Clem, kindly let the world meet the winner of “the Spark” rookie contest for November 2014?

Ogus: I’m Clem Ogus, Akpobome Clement Ogudu by birth, CEO of View Nigeria and the proud winner of The Spark Rookie Contest for November 2014.



PO: You have just been empowered with a N200, 000 cash grant courtesy Chief Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu, CEO Chisco Group, how does that make you feel?

Ogus: Well, for a start I would like to thank God Almighty, the entire team of The Spark, My Benefactor the person of Chief Dr. Chidi A. CEO Chisco Group, View Nigeria Team and everyone out there that made this a reality. Well, talking of how I feel, I felt so elated.

PO: News blogging seems to be a congested niche, how do you plan to make Viewngr.com stand out?

Ogus: Hmm!!! . I must say congested is even a smaller adjective to use, because the General News Niche is something everybody wants to get into, so my game plan of standing out is to be able to give out the news at the precise time and making out uniqueness in our writings.

Moreover, No doubt one of the way we at view Nigeria intend making Viewngr.com stand out is through Digital and Contextual Advertisement, (Banners and text Ads).

PO: How did you discover the Rookie Contest on The Spark Website?

Ogus: I’m this kind of person that stay online 24hours of the day, I saw The Spark Website online first on Facebook.

PO: What is your candid opinion about “the Spark” and the rookie contest?

Ogus: Like the tagline says, “Ignite.” Well allow me to say, The Spark is not just about Ignition, but empowering the youths and everyone who believe in his/herself to realize their goals.

PO: If there was no internet, what other creative thing will you be doing?

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Ogus: Hia!!!, I will definitely be the one to bring internet, because without internet “I fit Die” though I believe it happens to everybody.

PO: How many hours do you spend on the internet daily?

Ogus: My Guy, I’m always online 24/7 even in church self at times (Smiles)
PO: The November ‘Rookie Contest’ was a tough one but you won, kindly share with us any strategies you may have used to get that position?

Ogus: Well, I didn’t do much work, they say ambition speak for itself, so I guess my ambition helped me here. I’ve got friends who got friends, I mean, I was even surprise some of my old dudes from SA, GH and even those that hated me voted me in. Most of them were like, Clem, Ogus, Ogus Ogus, Clems and so many other names they called me, you deserved it and even more

PO: Has “The Spark” kept its promise to “ignite” something in you?

Ogus: Definitely Yes!!!.

PO: Having been empowered with NGN200,000 cash grant, how do you plan on spending the money?


Ogus: ‘Money wey don enter voicemail’, Well, the money, I already used it to expand my business and increase my labour force.

PO: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ogus: Well, it’s a huge question but I will answer it. In the next 5 years, my major competitors Vanguard and Punch will learn from me.

PO: “We believe in you, now believe in yourself”. Say something in one sentence to “Spark” up other growing entrepreneurs.

Ogus: My guys no body go tell you say you be Don before you go know say you be Don – Clem Ogus 2015


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