“I have Learnt Not To Limit My belief”…Yusuf Onabekun


Animations are cool, social media rocks! But behind these are some who got “The Spark” to inspire them beyond limitations. Yusuf Onabekun is no exception. As the runner up to The Spark Rookie for the month of October, Yusuf won for himself a whooping N90,000 in business consulting and has learnt not to limit his belief.

In this interview with Paul Osas, Yusuf talks about the business of social media, video animation and the role of the internet in learning. 

PO: Hi Yusuf, congrats once again for emerging the runner up to The Spark Rookie for the month. Kindly tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Yusuf: Thanks for the opportunity your platform presented to me. It is a great pleasure and also chance for both of our entity to benefit from each other. My name is Yusuf Onabekun, an infoprenuer, video animator and social media specialist. I can boast of over 6 years in the internet marketing world with my own bit being done the best I can. Before I came across the video animation and social media stuff, I have been beating round the bush. The moment I began focusing my effort on both fields, I have had no reason to look back.

PO: Of all things there are to do, why video animation and social media?

Yusuf: Thanks. Like I said earlier, since I came across video animation and social media, I knew that is where my strength lies. Though I still learn every day, but I hardly feel any stress doing them. It is also an integral part of any website, organisation and establishment that really wants to stand the test of time. If you want to add value to your business, video animation and social media are great ways to do that. According to research, video boosts value of a business by over 200%, we have so much evidence around us. The advent of smart gadgets like android phones, tablets etc. shows that people have come to accept the impact video can have. Education wise, visual aids retention much longer than written material. Animation has and will always thrill us. So combine the two powers and you have a SUPERB value to your business.

PO: What can social media do for a business?

Yusuf: Social media is the best thing to happen to the internet world. The starting of Facebook changed all that and we can see other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. also trending towards making their platforms more user friendly. Though Google has been regarded as the FATHER of search engine, Social media is the MOTHER of search engine. So, if you really want to make the optimal use internet and that of your website to improve your business, then the best thing that can happen to you, is to embrace both FATHER AND MOTHER.

PO: How did you learn how to create animations?

Yusuf: All I know is I learnt all by myself with the aid of Google and Youtube. With these two platforms, I don’t see any limitation in learning.

PO: If there was no internet, what other creative thing will you be doing?

Yusuf: The ability to make individuals see the best in themselves. Reason is that I had the inferior complex issue and that is the problem of 90% of our youth. We follow the bandwagon instead of creating and discovering ourselves.

PO: How do you plan on promoting your unique skill of video animation?

Yusuf: I will be using Youtube majorly. I have not be using any platform and that has been my undoing. Since I am into video, I will really be working with Youtube and also blogging. In the long run, I will be budgeting for heavy advertising both online and offline.

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PO: How did you discover the Rookie Contest on the Vanguard Spark Website?

Yusuf: I came across it via a group I belong to on Facebook, “BloggersLab”, where all that has to do with blogging is being discussed. A member entered the contest in the preceding month, so I just decided to try it out and I am glad I did.

PO: You were runner up to the October Rookie of the month, kindly share with us any strategies you may have used to get that position?

Yusuf: Majorly the incentive strategy that I implemented was using what I have to get what I needed. Nothing goes for nothing.

PO: Has “The Spark” kept its promise to “ignite” something in you? If it did, what would that be?

Yusuf: Yes, not to limit my belief and to get much more serious with my skill development.

PO: Having been empowered with NGN90,000 worth of one-on-one business consulting with Emeka Azinge, how to do you intend to improve your business?

Yusuf: First, I’m really glad for the empowerment. I’ve decided to put all I will gain to improve on the business aspect of my skills as a video animator and social media specialist, also using the goodwill of Mr Emeka Azinge’s Company to my great advantage.

PO: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Yusuf: A foremost force in the video animation market and expanding to include full online reputation management.

PO: “We believe in you, now believe in yourself”. Say something in one sentence to “Spark” up other growing entrepreneurs.

Yusuf: You Are The Only One Copy Of Yourself And The Best Created By God, So Don’t See Yourself Lesser Than That.


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