“God is Set to Reward my Efforts” -Amuzie


After winning the August Rookie contest to become the Rookie of the Month, Delords Austin Amuzie, an internet marketer and CEO of Delords Media, is set to receive The Spark- an incentive to kickstart his business success- from the former GM of HITV and serial Techpreneur, Edmund Olotu. Austin Amuzie will be empowered with free workspace in Lekki phase 1 and internet for six months.

In this interview with Tobi Solarin, this experienced entrepreneur reveals his personal perspective on entrepreneurship, leadership and personal discovery.

TS: Hi Delords, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do.

Delords: I am Delords Austin Amuzie, the sixth child of a family of seven. I’m socially engaged as a persuasive speaker and own a web and social media service company where I render services like web design, web graphic designs, content creation and advertising solutions. I’m also working on a book project which will be launched on the 12th of March, 2015.

TS: You’ve been in internet marketing for quite a while and have put up quite a number of websites including nigeriafreeads.com. Tell us what made you venture into this industry?

Delords: I am a creative person, I love doing creative things and the internet is where you find some of the best creative works of our time. I got fully exposed to the internet after my high school graduation in 2004, and started learning so many creative and entrepreneurial skills online and ever since then, I have gotten so acquainted with so many internet related programs and businesses including internet marketing and web creation.

TS: What is the name of your business?

Delords: My Business name is Delords Media

TS: What is your personal definition of entrepreneurship?

Delords: I will simply define entrepreneurship as the process whereby someone with a considerable initiative and willingness to take risk, ventures into starting up a business or an organization.

TS: How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far?

Delords: It’s been challenging but altogether satisfactory as most importantly I derive satisfaction when my works are able to add values to people’s life and businesses. I started my internet business fully in 2007 and got personal skills in so many online businesses before starting out Nigeriafreeads.com. I also tried out a few start-ups like a Blogger blog Directory, crowd-funding website and media blogs but had challenges continuing with them as I couldn’t get enough support for them. Also started my web media Service business two years ago and have done very well in it but majorly it has been operating on a charitable venture as most of the works I have done are without charges. But it seems GOD is set to reward my efforts with Nigeriafreeads.com which is also offering a free service to all Nigerians. I have trained several people also in some of these programs and glad they are doing very well in it.

TS: How did you discover the Rookie contest on the The Spark website?

Delords: I got to know about it on the Vanguard Nigeria news website while reading an article published on the website about the Future Leadership Conference of which I am one of the organizers of the conference.

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TS: Do you feel The Spark ignited something in you? What?

Delords: Yes, I knew I was doing a lot socially but never got so much open recommendations as I got from the comments people posted about me. At a time I said to myself, if I don’t win this contest, I won’t be discouraged as I already got some of the spark I needed to continue with my projects from the recommendations people made about me which was so touching and almost had me in tears.

TS: Where do you see yourself in the next two to five years?

Delords: Within the said years, I see myself truly fulfilling my life’s purpose of imparting the world with most of my works; have my NGO running and building lives and businesses for myself and for others around the world.

TS: When it comes to entrepreneurship, who would you say is your role model? And why?

Delords: There are very many entrepreneurs that I have learnt from and really don’t have any particular role model, but I read something from an American named MJ DeMarco the publisher of an eBook titled, “The Millionaire Fastlane” which really brought out the entrepreneurial side of me and motivated me into starting several big start-up programs online.

TS: Most of us like to blame the leadership of this country for our problems, but as you know, complaining doesn’t change anything. What do you think is the way forward concerning the leadership of Nigeria?

Delords: We really can’t blame anyone for our problems; problems only exist when we react negatively to the acts of others and fail to act positively towards creating a progressive and spontaneous success for ourselves. A changed society is a product of a changed people so we only need to be committed towards personal transformation for the purpose of facilitating societal transformation at all levels of our society.

TS: What advice do you have for young upcoming entrepreneurs like you?

Delords: Believe in GOD first and believe in yourself. There is no child born into the world without a definite purpose from GOD to fulfil, and the only thing that can stop one from fulfilling ones purpose on earth is oneself and not the devil or any other person. The decision to succeed can only be taken by one and all external forces and pressures are not aimed at stopping one, but to try one’s ability. But just a single ability out of the several abilities that lies in us, is enough for us to succeed in life even in the face of all challenges. Just like a single stone selected out of five stones was enough for the little David to kill the giant goliath. But we only need to discover first, those abilities in us, and the best time to discover those abilities and ones purpose on earth is at the early stages of one’s life. Once we have prepared ourselves and our works, the needed support will definitely come.

TS: How do you plan to maximize the potential and benefits of The Spark- the free workspace in Lekki phase 1 and internet for six months given off by the serial Tech entrepreneur, Edmund Olotu?

Delords: It will really be a great help for me as I will get more professional trainings and support from seasoned experts and it will help me in promoting my projects, one of which is Nigeriafreeads.com. It will create exposure for me and provide a media support for my projects which will give me the opportunity to meet the right people that will help facilitate the growth of the website and give the needed support in Simplifying Nigeria which is the main essence of the website.



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