hyperrealism pencil

Hyperrealism Pencil Art by Nero


Oghenero Osiobe is a hyperrealism pencil artist from Delta state, Nigeria.

hyperrealism pencil art                         hyperrealism pencil artist

The graduate of International Relations started Art at a young age. “Art started for me at a very young age. As a kid I found myself always engaged in putting pencil to paper and trying to represent real life objects just as they are. It was some sort of a child hood habit that didn’t go away. I think every artist is that child that survived. Over the years, I just developed on my skills and I still practice every day.”

hyperrealism pencil               hyperrealistic art

Talking about his art, he says, “I am specialised in HYPERREALISM, a genre of art that specializes in rendition of art works that resembles high resolution photos. So far so good, I think art has given me a voice and a platform to express myself.”

hyperrealistic artist

His environment is his major inspiration.

Connect with him via

Instagram : @fabulouslifeofnero
Facebook : @fabulouslifeofnero
Twitter : @nerospencilart .



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