Hyper-realistic drawing

Hyper-realistic Drawings by Kenart


Kenechukwu Emmanuel Nwadiogbu, also known as Kenart, is a Nigerian visual artist whose practice is primarily centred on hyper-realistic drawings and works on paper. “My ability to create works that question life, calling out some of the problems and becoming very grounded in human consciousness, with an unwavering stretch to include collages to my recent pieces, has indeed stood me out from other hyper-realists around the world.”

A graduate of Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Lagos, his journey with art started in the university, and despite having no formal training, he has pushed to become an interesting young contemporary artist from Nigeria.”


“I work in a genre of art called Figurative Hyper-realism. The name indeed is derived from my success in creating a very realistic image and deploying elements that create an impression or illusion of form and space, and, usually, to create emphasis in the narrative portrayed.”

Ken talks about the different themes found in his work, as well as his interaction with the society. “In my works, I display Black power as a timely, biting subject in large works with black people of assured attitudes permeating project’s oeuvre. I’m very much fascinated with the presence of the human figure and gaze, hence my works tend to nurse a rare and undiluted expression, letting the subjects in my art communicate via their emotions. Gender equality, African cultures, and Black power are also a few aspects of my current research and artistic practice.”

Lost Consciousness II                

Lost Consciousness I

To him, “Art is indeed timeless; it is my solace and hiding place, a safe haven I have found to be devoid of restrictions, boxes and boundaries.”

He had a lot to say concerning what inspires him. “My works are not just inspired by my ability to create large hyper-realistic works with a charcoal pencil, ink, and recently added collage materials, but also my desperate approach to question life, calling out some of the problems and becoming much grounded in human consciousness; creating constructive discourses that define our everyday living and advocating positive changes in the society. I believe the society speaks; it’s left for us to listen. Not just listen, but to also reply. This is exactly what I do, I listen and I reply.”


You can reach him on

Facebook: Ken Nwadiogbu

Instagram: @kennwadiogbu

Twitter: @kennwadiogbu

Website: www.kennwadiogbu.com


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