How to Ship Products from Amazon, eBay, and Others To Nigeria Faster


Amazon or Ebay are places where you can get lots of products including Best & Cheap Laptops, Mobile Phones, Household Gadgets, Books, DVDs, Jewelries and many other products you can name. Amazon has a large team of sellers that offers large varieties of customers’ products and goods that are mostly American made. American made goods are known by all to be goods that stand for quality.

Shopping online is the growing trend in Nigeria but they do expect to get more from the internet. Many people in Nigeria would want to shop unrestricted on any website of their choice and receive a home delivery all at a reasonable rate too. However when it comes to shopping online across the shores of Nigeria, US websites are not as welcoming as there are a lot of restrictions places on people who may want to buy from Nigeria even with their cash backed cards, no thanks to the activities of Yahoo Yahoo boys. Well, the truth is that you can still shop on a lot of US websites from Nigeria and have it shipped to your doorstep and that’s why I’m writing this article on how you can shop on Amazon and ship your items to Nigeria.

What it involves

– Getting a Visa/Mastercard
– Opening an Amazon buyer’s account
– Opening an Ebay account
– Opening a Paypal account and verifying it with GTB master or visa card or any other Bank
– Getting a US shipping address
– Buying the item
– Shipping to your US address
– Shipping and tracking to Nigeria
Getting a USD Visa/Mastercard

In Nigeria nowadays, many banks now offer Visa and Mastercard issued in both Naira and USD. You can use anyone as they both work on Amazon when making payments online. As long as you card has been activated for online use and has funds in them, you can easily use it to make payments at Amazon by adding your card details to your account. Getting such a card is easy as all it requires are your details, identification, funds and filling an application form. The card comes with a card number, expiry date, billing address, CVV code and can be personalized or non personalized. Personally I go for the non personalized one since it is always ready for pickup. Amazon accepst Visa and Mastercard and you can use them directly. You may also purchase a gift card with it for settling your bills when shopping.

Opening an Amazon buyer’s account

Amazon accepts residents from Nigeria who may want to open a buyer’s account. You just have to have an email addres and use it to open a free account with Amazon. Once your account is opened, you can then easily shop at Amazon with it. You will be able to access your account and add your payment and shipping address to it or you could always do so later on when checking out.

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