Helicopter attack rocks Venezuela Supreme Court


A police helicopter hovering around the Venezuelan supreme court has reportedly dropped grenades in the area. The culprits are thought to be sympathetic to the Venezuelan opposition who claim the Supreme Court has always ruled in ways that bolster President Maduro’s hold on power.

In his address from the presidential palace, President Maduro confirmed that the helicopter had flown over the Supreme Court and also the justice and interior ministries, and that a social event had been taking place at the Supreme Court.

Maduro claimed that this attack was the effort of terrorists seeking a coup against his government, four grenades were dropped on the court and a few gunshots were fired at the interior ministry.

The police officer responsible for flying the helicopter, Oscar Perez had made a video and posted it on Instagram moments later, where he identified himself and urged Venezuelans to stand up against tyranny.

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“We are a coalition of military employees, policemen and civilians who are looking for balance and are against this criminal government,”

“We don’t belong to any political tendency or party. We are nationalists, patriots and institutionalists.” Perez said.

It is not clear at this point how much support the opposition have garnered but President Maduro had identified Oscar Perez as a former employee of the past Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres.

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