The Name is Harry…Prince Harry


No Prince Harry isn’t the new James Bond, bu he did manage to rescue a damsel in distress today at the London Marathon. During the medal presentations, 86 years old former Olympian Sylvia Disley slipped over on stage and Harry rushed to her aid. He bent down to took her arm to help her back on her feet again, and as they left the stage he was seen still holding on to her hand in a reassuring fashion.  Luckily Sylvia didn’t seem to be injured by the fall and took the mishap in good spirits.

See Pictures below:

When former Olympian Sylvia Disley slipped over during the medal presentation at today's London marathon, at least she had a royal on hand to come to her rescue in the form of Prince Harry

 Prince Harry rushed to Sylvia's aid when she noticed she'd taken a tumble during the medal ceremony at today's London Marathon 

She seemed to still be smiling even though she tumbled to the ground and matched Harry’s grin as he firmly grasped her hand.  Sylvia made the 200 metres sprint final at the 1948 Olympics and won a bronze medal in the 4x100m relay at the next Olympics in 1952.

Harry and another man caught Sylvia's arms and helped her back on her feet again 

Harry helping up the former sprinter who got to the final of the 200m at the 1948 Olympics and won a bronze medal at the 4x100m relay in 1952

Taking no chances, Harry kept hold of Sylvia's hand after helping her back up off the ground 

Luckily Sylvia did not appear to be too shaken by the fall 

Earlier today, a video was released of the the Prince with his brother the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Duchess wearing blue headbands in support of those running the marathon for the Heads Together Campaign

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