Guaranteed to be the best … Oduogu Victor


I put it to you that you are unique! Even the most identical twins have something that makes one differ from the other, thanks to the scientists who discovered some differences in humanity proving every one to be unique.

Do you know that we all have different tongue prints just like thumb print? We imitate the ones we want to be like and end up becoming the inferior and second to the best but never the best because we make ourselves the photocopy not the original print out.

We complain that the world has become so boring, we forget that doing same thing for a long time without change is a perfect recipe for boredom so why not try something new; It is said that when you try something new you develop your brains to become more active.

There is no harm in trying but then try being yourself for that is the only guarantee for you to be the best.

I am a student and I love writing.
The hunger to educate people and encourage people to read drives me.
Facebook name: oduoguvictor

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